What is the best treatment against lice and nits? With the return of the classes, the lice will be perhaps again this year at the rendezvous of the children. For families, lice are a real calamity. Fighting these unwanted ones is synonymous with wasted time and money. It quickly becomes a problem. Especially since the products are often very toxic. Here is (...)
How to fight against hair loss? How to distinguish normal and abnormal hair loss, temporary and permanent hair loss? The hair has a cycle of life more or less short or long depending on the people, from 2 to 6 years. They are renewed little by little, every day. It is therefore normal to lose hair every day. The abnormal fall of hair (...)
Henna: An ideal beautifying care for the hair What is henna? What are the benefits of henna? Contraindications to henna. How to choose your henna? How to apply henna? How to prolong the effect of his henna? What is henna? Henna is a plant belonging to the family Lythraceae, whose botanical name is lawsonia inermis. Ell (...)
Choosing a wooden or horn comb? impact on the environment: equivalent. Both horn and wood are renewable and bio-degradable materials. The wood is often renewed more slowly, but allows to make more objects in one piece. However, some wood species are valuable and rare. It is better not to use them (wood of (...)