Comb and brush: How to choose? Should we choose a comb or a brush? The ultimate: A horn comb and a boar silk brush. One often wonders if it is better to use a comb or a brush. One can indeed use one or the other depending on the desired effect, but in fact most often, the best choice is to use both. Everything is all about (...)
Your hair say something about you. All hair is in nature. We see some free as the air, waving on one shoulder, landing on the lower back. Or in the figure, hiding the eyes of a fierce, wild teenager. Or even dressed like a teacher of yesteryear. Others are masterpieces of architecture, real (...)
Children's hair: How to style them? space the shampoos once a week. This is important for maintaining the very healthy natural balance of children's hair and preserving it. Remember that too much hygiene may have the opposite effect. Before 1 year: just put the hair of your little one with a goat hair brush (...)