Thomas Liorac receives the EPV label Press release Thomas Liorac, one of the last French manufacturers of high-end horn combs, has just been awarded the EPV (Living Heritage Companies) label, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Finance on March 8, 2017. State label distinguishes French companies for their know-how and resources, their history and (...)
Boar Bristle Brush: How to choose and maintain it? Why choose a boar bristle brush? Wild boar hair is made of keratin ... like our hair. This is why they have been used for centuries to garnish hairbrushes. Indeed, as their composition is close to that of the hair, they respect them, limit the forks, and do not engender (...)
How to get a good shampoo? The hair, like our whole body, must be washed. But special care must be given to them. Indeed, their molecular composition is specific. Not to mention that they play an important role in our appearance. Which shampoo to choose? How often do you use it? How to apply it? Which shampoo to choose? (...)