Le peigne en corne : Les 7 raisons de son succès Quelles sont les raisons du succès du peigne en corne ? Qui l'utilise et comment ? Quels types de peignes sont utilisés ? Voici le résultat d'une grande enquête menées par Thomas Liorac auprès de 775 personnes du 26 mai au 9 juin 2019.
Thomas Liorac turns 8 years old Eight years ago we have created our small business! Once again, we want to thank you warmly for your loyalty, your encouragement, your commitment to the subjects noble, ecological, artisanal work, French manufacturing. Taking into account the values that bring us together, we wish enjoy this birthday to make a small point on our main news: a new website, the move of the workshop and our zero plastic approach.
Thomas Liorac presents 2 new Combined comb & brush Because the combination of two high-end accessories is the best solution to treat her hair, the French manufacturer of horn combs offers two new packs "comb & brush"
How to choose a beard comb? Perhaps, sir, bear your beard. Perhaps you like to wear it very short, almost shave, carefully maintaining a beard said to be 3 days, perhaps the long wear, provided, like an organized jungle like for example Captain Haddock? Or are you an intermittent bearded? Do you have the poi (...)
Renewal of the horn comb: 1 of 2 is a gift. For 7 years, Thomas Liorac has revived the horn comb, modernized its design and made it rediscover to the younger generations. His workshop located in Ariège obtained in 2017 the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label which rewards the French savoir-faire of excellence. Today, a horn comb purchased on two is to offer. The pe (...)
What is the best treatment against lice and nits? With the return of the classes, the lice will be perhaps again this year at the rendezvous of the children. For families, lice are a real calamity. Fighting these unwanted ones is synonymous with wasted time and money. It quickly becomes a problem. Especially since the products are often very toxic. Here is (...)
How to comb your hair? There are many beautiful hairstyles to make. They reflect the personality of the wearer. But none will be successful if the hair is not well prepared before. For any hairstyle, the preparation of the hair is necessary. Brushing In the first place, brush the hair with a brush in (...)
Thomas Liorac receives the EPV label Press release Thomas Liorac, one of the last French manufacturers of high-end horn combs, has just been awarded the EPV (Living Heritage Companies) label, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Finance on March 8, 2017. State label distinguishes French companies for their know-how and resources, their history and (...)
Thomas Liorac choisit La Nef pour se développer.   Communiqué L'entreprise artisanale de fabrication de peignes en corne, après avoir retrouvé un savoir-faire ancestral et l'avoir modernisé, vient de créer un quatrième emploi. Pour consolider son développement et investir dans de nouvelles machines, elle a récemment obtenu un prêt auprès de la banque alternative "La Nef". La Nef est (...)
Thomas Liorac propose des coffrets pour Noël. Communiqué L'entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication de peignes en corne élargit sa gamme de produits. Elle propose désormais également des brosses en poils de sanglier, des savons et shampoings écologiques, ainsi que des accessoires de coiffure. Cela lui permet de proposer 7 coffrets cadeaux dédiés au soin des cheveux et à la beaut? (...)
How to take care of your combs and brushes at the beach? Can we bring a horn comb and a boar hair brush to the beach? Of course ! Just take a few precautionary and maintenance steps. The main thing is to keep your horn comb in a leather case inside the beach bag to prevent breakage and scratches due to sand. How to maintain (...)
Thomas Liorac part à la conquête des cheveux Afros   Communiqué : Thomas Liorac part à la conquête des cheveux Afros Thomas Liorac continue de dépoussiérer le monde des peignes en corne et propose désormais une gamme de 5 modèles aux noms évocateurs pour ses client(e)s aux cheveux crépus ou frisés : Petit bamako Grand Bamako Pretoria Tombouctou Tananarive Le dessin de (...)
Thomas Liorac lance 11 nouveaux modèles de peignes en corne   Communiqué : Thomas Liorac lance 11 nouveaux modèles de peignes en corne pour proposer l'offre la plus complète du marché. Thomas Liorac étend sa gamme à 24 modèles de peignes et continue de dépoussiérer le design des peignes en corne. Entre tradition et modernité, la marque Ariégeoise a repris le flambeau de ce savoir-faire région (...)
Boar Bristle Brush: How to choose and maintain it? Why choose a boar bristle brush? Wild boar hair is made of keratin ... like our hair. This is why they have been used for centuries to garnish hairbrushes. Indeed, as their composition is close to that of the hair, they respect them, limit the forks, and do not engender (...)
The 17 traditional steps of making a homemade horn comb The traditional handcrafting of a horn comb requires 17 successive steps. A meticulous work that combines manual address, physical endurance and machine control. Sawing: cut the horn into three pieces, biscayer, gorget. Biscayer: open and unfold the central piece of the horn Scratch: equalize, biscuit (...)
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