Children's hair: How to style them?

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  1. space the shampoos once a week. This is important for maintaining the very healthy natural balance of children's hair and preserving it. Remember that too much hygiene may have the opposite effect.
  2. Before 1 year: just put in the hair of your little one with a goat hair brush. Above all, avoid touching the fontanelles of babies, essential for their future development. The brain is just below, and it is very fragile.
  3. From one year old, use a bristle brush (light bristles) for dusting. This step eliminates impurities that stick to the hair. There are small brushes, suitable for the hands of small children.
  4. then, untangling painlessly with a horn comb starting with untangling tips to gradually move higher and higher. Performed with a horn comb, which slides in the hair, it is painless.
  5. give them a horn comb and a soft brush adapted to the size of their hand. For them, using adapted equipment allows them to better appropriate the important gestures, and gradually take their autonomy to become responsible for their own personal hygiene.

Warning: The plastic comb is causing pain for a child. Avoid using them with them!