Horn combs

Here are all of our natural horn combs. Enjoy as each horn comb is unique! Each one is suitable for any kind of hair. Large-toothed for detangling. Narrow-toothed for smoothing. Pocket, afro, beard, joint, crimping...

Every kind of hair has its own comb : Long hair or short. Thin or thick. Smooth or frizzy. Dry or greasy...

Horn comb is avoiding static electricity. It is  totally natural. Hair are recovering a better health. All our horn combs are made in our workshop in France, in Perigord.

For a better combing we also suggest natural brushes which are complementary to combs.

Horn combs


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Berlin is an atypical and rare comb, joint comb (double-tooth) and with a handle. Very...
€40.00 Price
The Marrakech comb has been specially designed for curly or permanent hair. It is also...
€30.83 Price
Travel comb
Travel comb is a rare comb. It is a joint comb (double-tooth) without a handle. Easy to put...
€30.42 Price
Grand Venise
The horn comb Grand Venise is a crimping comb very appreciated for its large size and its...
€30.33 Price
Petit Venise
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Petit Venise
The Petit Venise horn comb allows hair to be crimped. Smaller than its brother, it slips...
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