Choosing a wooden or horn comb?

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  1. Peigne en bois ou en corneimpact on the environment: equivalent. Both horn and wood are renewable and bio-degradable materials. The wood is often renewed more slowly, but allows to make more objects in one piece. However, some wood species are valuable and rare. It is better not to use them (rosewood, sandalwood ...).
  2. comfort of use: the softness of the keratin, its antistatic virtues give an incontestable advantage to the comb in horn. The horn slides in the hair without tearing or pulling. Often, a person who uses a horn comb can not go back. The wooden comb does not smooth the hair because it does not slip like the horn in the hair.
  3. beauty and health of the hair: the virtues of keratin which closes the scales of the hair cuticle, allowing them to protect themselves from external aggressions give here again an advantage to the horn comb. Smooth, they are shiny and silky. Their good health is visible!
  4. strength and maintenance: the horn comb is often stronger than the wooden comb (depending on the wood used). Both require light maintenance to maintain their strength, including a vegetable oil intake once or twice a year. A hardwood comb with slow growth and dense fiber (such as boxwood) is much stronger than a comb in beech or bamboo.
  5. price: the wooden comb is much cheaper to buy, but it must be renewed periodically while the horn comb can last a lifetime. In addition, the manufacture of horn combs is often more careful and the finishes are better. All models do not exist in wood.