Comb and brush: How to choose?

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Should we choose a comb or a brush?

Peigne ou brosseThe ultimate: A horn comb and a boar silk brush. One often wonders if it is better to use a comb or a brush. One can indeed use one or the other depending on the desired effect, but in fact most often, the best choice is to use both. Everything depends on the nature of the hair, and the desired effect, the key is to choose a quality tool, because a poor quality or unsuitable tool weakens the hair and damages the hair.

Consider hair hygiene

Eliminate impurities

For good hygiene and comfort, it is advisable to first use a natural bristle brush (hard and black for thick, soft and blonde hair for fine, brittle or fragile hair). This first brushing aims to eliminate impurities, dead skin, textile fibers, dust that are put there. It will also allow, for the sensitive hair, to prepare the disentangling, so that it is less painful. The natural bristles of the brush allow that it does not attack the hair or the scalp. Moreover, being of the same molecular composition as the hair (keratin), it avoids the accumulation of static electricity. This brush will shampoo regularly to maintain a satisfactory hygiene (once a week, with your usual shampoo: preferably a mild shampoo, without detergent).

Untangle the hair

The second phase will be the disentangling of the hair. This operation aerate the hair, allowing the scalp to eliminate unwanted bacteria or others. It will also bring down the last impurities. In the same way, a horn comb with medium tooth (but adapted to the texture of the hair) is indicated not to attack the scalp, not to break or tear the hair, not to damage their structure.

These two phases are complementary, but some people only realize one. For very thick hair, a
simple brushing is not recommended because it will not allow the hair to aerate thoroughly. However, when
are well made with keratin tools, they leave the hair shiny and silky.

The hairstyle itself

Depending on the desired hairstyle, it is possible to use a comb with fairly fine teeth or a brush (other than that of cleaning preferably) for smoothing the hair. If you want to tie the hair, we will take care if possible not to pull the hair too much, not to tie them too tight, at the risk of making them fall in excess. For this, we can use a tail comb, or an Afro comb for frizzy or curly hair. For afro hairstyles, often very tight and holding several days, it is recommended to make "breaks" of a few days between two hairstyles to rest the scalp. For this work requiring dexterity, it is important to choose a tool with which you will be comfortable: it depends on each person.