Hair hygiene

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To have beautiful hair, one of the key elements is the hygiene of the hair. But beware, excess hygiene may have the opposite effect. Here are the good gestures that will give you good hygiene without harming your hair.

  1. observe an interval of 3 days minimum (4 to 6 in the ideal) between each shampoo. More frequent shampoos would be ineffective and would harm the balance and health of your hair.
  2. use a quality shampoo, soft and not detergent. Too much detergent shampoos, like many that are sold in supermarkets, unbalance the scalp and may cause redness, irritation, itching of the scalp. To try: solid shampoos, little known but very soft.
  3. massage your hair with the pulp of your fingers to distribute the shampoo and massage the scalp, which stimulates the blood circulation, thus promoting the holding and the regrowth of the hair.
  4. rinse until your hair is squealing under your fingers. They need to be in the air without residues of products to stay healthy. You can add a little lemon juice, or even vinegar, in the rinse water to increase the brightness of your hair, or rinse with cold water.
  5. make a single shampoo. We often recommend a second or even a third shampoo. While it is better to wash without stripping the hair.
  6. let your hair dry in the open air, if you have the time and opportunity. The hair dryer is formidable for the hair. It dries them up, attacks them, ruins their scales, their natural protection. If you must use a hair dryer, choose a low temperature and use it as little as possible, without insisting. A little moisture will not hurt them and they will finish drying in minutes.
  7. Between two washings, use a horn comb to unravel them (typically the Cap Horn model), but also every day to air them, dust them off and make them more resistant by helping them to keep their natural protection.