How to choose a beard comb?

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Perhaps, sir, bear your beard. Perhaps you like to wear it very short, almost shave, carefully maintaining a beard said to be 3 days, perhaps the long wear, provided, like an organized jungle like for example Captain Haddock? Or are you an intermittent bearded? Do you have rough or soft hair? Almost smooth or rather wavy, even curly? However, only one comb is called "beard" for all bearded! While there are probably as many beards as bearded, not to mention the mustache. Should we all fall back on the unique model said for the beard? Is the current model of beard comb suitable for all beards? Of course not, many bearded people have experienced it.

Une belle barbe bien entretenueExactly as for the hair, with each beard, and especially with each bearded his model of comb. As for the hair, the comb of horn - Rolls Royce of the comb - is ideal to maintain your beard, and for the same reasons: respect of the skin, pilosity, absence of static electricity, comfort of use are as much d 'arguments often put forward to adopt daily a horn comb, a tool of choice for your' beard routine '. The multitude of models, big or small, large or not, with or without handle, gives each bearded now to choose his comb, according to his beard but also his tastes! Your horn comb will better respect your skin and your beard, will be gentle with you, and will make your beard more silky, brighter, and will quickly become your first beauty ally.

The horn comb is mainly composed of keratin, the molecule that also makes up the hair, the hairs, the nails, and even the superficial layer of the skin. That's why the horn comb is so nice to use. The beard is of the same material as the hair, but its structure is often slightly different. Often more irregular than the hair, it gives the hair this aspect more wavy, even curly. However, the use of the horn comb is very suitable for all beards. The horn will take care of your beard.

Which comb to choose for you? The model most often sold under the name "beard comb" is a rake-type comb, that is to say with a simple average detangling toothing, and very short dimensions. This comb is quite suitable for short beards, trimmed regularly. But there are all kinds of beards, and this comb beard is not necessarily suitable for all bearded. And maybe not the bearded you are. To help you choose your comb, here is a small description of different models that may interest you.

How to choose a comb to heal your beard?

If you have a relatively short beard, provided, and the beard comb suits you, it's perfect for you. The simple toothing makes it a model goes everywhere, which is suitable for almost all types of hair. But maybe you would prefer it with a handle? In this case, so-called "Cape Horn" models are for you. The smaller, pocket model is often appreciated for the face, especially if your beard is short. Choose your comb according to the length of your beard. If your beard is very long, you may prefer medium or large.

But if you want a simple rake comb without handle, the Bastia model will meet your needs. For this model, 4 sizes exist, from 11 to 18 cm.

Some people like to have a beard perfectly smooth, shiny and silky. In this case, they need finer teeth than those of Cap Horn or Bastia models. Two models exist in a single size. The Helsinki comb is a sleeveless smoother, and the Hokkaido is the same with a handle. To facilitate the maintenance of the beard, it is possible to use a detangler first and then a smoother.

You can also choose to combine the qualities of the two different teeth. In this case, the Parisian models will meet this expectation, size to adapt according to the length of the beard. The depth of the teeth makes that they answer all the needs. Both Prague models will be indicated for short beards: both sizes are all in length, and have shallow toothing.

Other bearded ones have very sensitive skin. If the hair is tangled or very curly, but also very long, very provided, it is possible to use Afro combs. For example, the Marrakech model with its rounded toothing is very soft with the face, as well as the model Pretoria, the same without handle. Others appreciate the Tananarive model, which allows you to work the beard with the fork before disciplining it with the detangler.

After choosing the comb of your beard, you can also choose the mustache comb, or choose a model to your liking for your mustache! In short, do not lock yourself in a comb model, which may not bring you satisfaction, but be creative! But be careful: trying a horn comb is to adopt it. People who have one do not usually go back. Unless they bought a defective quality comb, often a comb imported from Asia. Buy your comb from a professional horn comb, which will make it in a traditional way.