How to comb your hair?

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Comment bien se coifferThere are many beautiful hairstyles to make. They reflect the personality of the wearer. But none will be successful if the hair is not well prepared before. For any hairstyle, the preparation of the hair is necessary.


First, brush the hair with a boar bristle brush: the result will be better, with less static electricity. Brushing eliminates dust and impurities from the hair, which accumulate during the day or at night. Cotton particles from clothes or sheets, small dead skin, etc. But brushing is not enough.


His second phase, prepared by brushing, is disentangling, a name synonymous with worry, pain, tugging ... Why? Because the comb, necessary accessory at this stage, was not always chosen accordingly. A plastic comb will scratch the scalp, catch the hair, assault, cause static electricity. Choose a horn comb, with teeth sufficiently wide apart to avoid any pain: a very wide spacing for an abundant and curly hair, 3 mm for a stiff hair, soft or slightly curly, or for short hair. The horn comb removes static electricity, respects the nature of the hair because it has the material: keratin. As a result, he does not break them, does not tear them away, only to eliminate hair that has fallen naturally. If the hair is very entangled despite brushing, start with the tips of the hair to go up gradually.


We can then proceed to a smoothing, with a horn comb with fine teeth, 3mm for example. After disentangling, it will be painless and easy. Smoothing is not mandatory for all hairstyles, but can give them a better finished look. Choose a horn comb rather than an iron: the iron heats (and sometimes burns) the hair, weakens it and makes it porous. They resist badly to common aggressions; wind, humidity, sun, pollution, friction, drying etc. They become dry, brittle, dull. The horn comb, unlike an iron, does not heat the hair, does not dry it, does not spoil it. On the contrary, the cuticle that protects it is smoothed, giving the hair shine and softness. The hair is silky. The closed scales retain better the proteins and vitamins that the hair contains. He keeps all his health, and it is visible.

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