How to get a good shampoo?

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DoucheThe hair, like our whole body, must be washed. But special care must be given to them. Indeed, their molecular composition is specific. Not to mention that they play an important role in our appearance. Which shampoo to choose? How often do you use it? How to apply it?

Which shampoo to choose?

It depends mainly on your type of hair: oily or dry hair, thin or thick, curly or smooth, natural or colored, long or short ... The shampoo supply is today very broad and meets a variety of needs . The chemical formulas have been studied specifically, so take the time to read the labels. Avoid those that contain silicone, paraben and / or sulphates. Prefer quality products, professional shampoos. It's more expensive? It is true. But good news, it's time to think about the frequency issue.

How often do you shampoo?

Too frequent shampoos are harmful to hair. It is essential to space the washings in a reasonable way. Once a week for short hair and twice for long hair, are quite acceptable frequencies. Of course, it's up to everyone to find the right rhythm, depending on the nature of their hair, their activities, their environment. But overall, we all tend to wash our hair too much and they suffer from it; the shampoo can be the enemy of the natural defenses of the hair (oily hair and / or dandruff).

How to apply your shampoo?

  • First, you have to wet your hair with hot water (not too hot). Shampoos do not apply on dry hair.
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo on the hair, distributing it as much as possible.
  • Massage the scalp. We can not stress enough the importance of this step. By promoting blood circulation, we slow down hair loss and accelerate their growth. We make them stronger.
  • rinse
  • For those with long hair, repeat the operation a second time
  • For more shine, rinse with cold water.