Hygiene and maintenance of the horn comb

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  1. once or twice a month, clean your comb with a small brush and soapy water. This removes impurities that settle on it during daily use. Use a mild or non-detergent soap or shampoo. Then rinse your comb thoroughly.
  2. after rinsing, wipe it well. The horn does not like to stay wet for a long time. In this case, it is likely to split in places or you may see lifting keratin scales.
  3. At least twice a year, moisten a cotton pad with vegetable oil and rub the comb. The horn is a living material, which needs to be fed, such as leather or wood. Thanks to this gesture, your comb will keep its solidity.
  4. use your comb regularly: it takes care of your hair, and your hair takes care of it. Using your comb will allow it to be airy and stay alive!
  5. do not share the combs, customize them! As with toothbrushes, combs can carry microbes and transmit them. To preserve the balance of healthy hair, it is best to have each horn comb. Thomas Liorac offers a useful service for this: the personalization of your comb.
  6. keep your comb in a leather case. Leather is also a matter of keratin. This is the best protection for the comb. The leather case protects the comb from shocks or falls, but also from drying out and sudden temperature differences. Thomas Liorac extends the guarantee of its horn combs to 10 years if they are bought with their leather case.
  7. in case of illness (dandruff, alopecia), clean your comb with an essential oil of lavender, thyme or rosemary. This will prevent you from re-infecting during treatment or passing microbes to others. It must be done after each use in this case. In particular, it is very difficult to get rid of dandruff. But beware: in case of significant problem, it will only come in addition to a suitable treatment, prescribed by a general practitioner or dermatologist when needed.