Why is Thomas Liorac not asking for an opinion?

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No to seller and buyer rating

Rate the seller, rate the customer, rate the employee, rate everyone. This is done to the detriment of dialogue and encounter. This gradually produces a deterioration in working conditions and remuneration. This builds a society where human beings are “machined” “dehumanized” instead of being “emancipated”.

We reject this logic and we want our customers to have peace of mind. With us, when you call, you get the boss (since there are only two of us and we are both bosses) and he listens to you. If you have a problem, we will always find a solution through dialogue between human beings. You won't be asked to type 1 then "star". It is not an artificial intelligence that will answer (any way) your question. On the other hand, when customers spontaneously send us comments by email, we publish them , it is very different.

Instead, let’s reestablish a commercial culture of dialogue.

When we buy, we refuse to give stars, to rate. Reviews on the internet are a dictatorship. We refuse it. Refuse that too.