Press release: Thomas Liorac develops a range of brushes

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Thomas Liorac, is a brand of horn combs located near Nontron in Dordogne. The manufacture of the 24 models of horn combs is carried out by Marguerite Villedey, artisan hornmaker since 2014.

Eight models of brushes

Thomas Liorac presents a range of eight wild boar hair brushes with handles either in beech wood (made in France) or in olive wood (made in Germany).

The boar bristle brush, the horn comb's best ally

The boar bristle brush complements the use of horn combs.

Popular customization for combs and brushes

For Christmas, the personalization of combs and brushes is very popular in order to offer a very original, durable and totally unique gift.

Range of boar bristle brushes