Renewal of the horn comb: 1 of 2 is a gift.

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For 7 years, Thomas Liorac has revived the horn comb, modernized its design and made it rediscover to the younger generations. His workshop located in Ariège obtained in 2017 the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label which rewards the French savoir-faire of excellence.

Today, a horn comb purchased on two is to offer.
The horn comb is particularly popular for Mother's Day (and fathers' Day).

Our customers often start by buying a comb and after, they offer them around. By offering a horn comb, they appreciate not to offer an industrial product, without soul, stuffed with plastic. Each comb is unique because each recipient is unique. Then people who have adopted the horn comb never come back to plastic because of its incomparable ease of use. (Gregoire Villedey, co-founder)
Thomas Liorac offers custom engraving in May 2018

This year, for Mother's Day and Father's Day, Thomas Liorac offers engravings of personalization throughout the month of May (usual price: 8 €)

Peigne en corne avec gravure personnalisée
Exemple : Modèle Petit Cap Horn gravé : 28€90 au lieu de 36€90

Peigne en corne personnalisé et son étui en cuir
Exemple : Modèle Petit Cap Horn gravé + étui en cuir : 42€40 au lieu de 50€40