Special celebrations: offer a horn comb, and why not?

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Engraved combIt's a unique and original gift: we're (almost) sure we're the only one with this idea. And above all, it is a gift full of meaning: an aesthetic, artisanal object, made with respect for the craftsman and the environment. It is also a meaningful gift because we make a choice thinking specifically about the person who will receive it. In this article, we present Liorac combs to you . They are the ideal contact for giving a gift because their combs are of excellent quality, customizable and they offer beautiful boxes.

Because the choice requires benchmarks: How do you choose a comb?

Gift idea for all hair types

Every hair deserves a horn comb. Fragile, it helps them to maintain or regain health, strong and beautiful, it enhances their radiance. It is ideal for all types of scalp, sensitive or resistant.

  • For short hair, or fine and straight hair, the straightener is a good tool. It helps strengthen the shine of the hair. If dandruff is present, the fine smoother removes it. (models called Prague or Figaro, Parisian, tail comb, Helsinki).
  • For long and abundant hair, or mid-length and wavy, the model called Cap Horn or a detangler, possibly followed by straightening, will be ideal (Cap Horn, Bastia, Prague or Figaro, Parisians)
  • For very curly or even frizzy hair, an African model comb is perfectly suited. It detangles without attacking. (Timbuktu, afro comb, but the most popular is undoubtedly Bamako)

Gift idea for all ages

  • A fragile or elderly person appreciates a light model (figaro or Prague, tail comb), or even a traditional classic model (figaro or Prague, tail comb, and Parisiens)
  • For a child: the children's detangler but also the barrette are very suitable, round shapes and not very aggressive. You can even add it as a birth gift to the traditional layette. And for babies, we like to add the first name.
  • Young adults, on the other hand, appreciate modern models: Cape Horn, Bamako, Timbuktu, Bastia

Gift idea for all moments of life

  • For home, we appreciate having comfortable and complete equipment. With this in mind, you must provide a brush (made of boar bristle to benefit from the effects of keratin), a detangling comb (depending on the thickness of the hair: teeth of 1cm or more), a straightening comb if necessary (teeth of less than 5 mm). For this, the Parisians, or a Cap Horn / tail comb association are ideal.
  • When traveling, we appreciate a comb that goes everywhere and takes up little space. The pocket comb, which combines a detangler and a straightener, is adequate. To protect it, but also to avoid picking up impurities on it which would dirty the hair, a leather case is required.
  • For a person who is often on the move but always needs to be dressed to the nines, either provide the usual complete hairdressing equipment, or simplify it (with just a comb). Always bring the appropriate case.
  • To have your equipment in your handbag or within reach in the car, pocket comb, or even a 1cm tooth bar: it takes up little space, and it styles just as well!

According to the degree of proximity to this person

  • For a person you don't know very well, but for whom you still want to give a gift (for example: my son's young girlfriend!): a simple comb, possibly personalized, possibly with a case)
  • For a person we particularly like, who has done us a favor, or with whom we are very close: a complete box set can be appreciated.
  • For your own child, depending on their age: if they are young, simply personalize it, add a case in a bright color, for a stylish older child, a complete box set is a good idea.

After all these gift ideas, you are ready for this year! Have a great holiday with your loved ones!