The 17 traditional steps of making a homemade horn comb

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Sciage de la corne à la scie à ruban. Dextérité et coup d’œil sont requis !

The traditional handcrafting of a horn comb requires 17 successive steps. A meticulous work that combines manual address, physical endurance and machine control.

  • Sawing: cut the horn into three pieces, biscayer, gorget.
  • Biscayer: open and unroll the central piece of the horn
  • Scratching: leveling, biscayer or gorging a thickness
  • Straighten: flatten plate (hydraulic or manual press)
  • Mark: draw model outlines on flattened plates
  • Crop: cut the plates according to the sketches
  • Carrer: format the plates and sketch them
  • Shaping: thinning the blanks on the side of the teeth
  • Grosser: cutting the big teeth of the comb
  • Stader: cutting the small teeth of the comb
  • Planeter: clean and smooth the comb
  • Baguetter: make a groove along the comb, back side
  • Beading: working the big teeth of the comb
  • Appoint: working the small teeth of the comb
  • Sanding: remove the streaks made with the grinding stones (with a mixture of powdered pumice and water)
  • Polish: shine the combs (with a cloth)
  • Mark: put the mark on the combs