The bias of Thomas Liorac

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We aim through these articles to answer the questions that most of our customers ask themselves. But know that we have a strong enough bias on our practices to have beautiful hair.

  1. Our appearance shows a part of our personality to another. It is natural to want to present our best profile! It is necessary to get in touch, but also to show that we respect others by looking after the image we give them to make it enjoyable to see.
  2. Pharmaceutical or cosmetic laboratories offer a large number of products. There are often dozens in our bathrooms (count yours: you will be surprised!). But they often have side effects or unwanted effects for us or our environment.
  3. Respect his scalp to respect his hair. Our hair grows in our scalp. In order for your hair to be healthy and beautiful, your scalp must be in good health. This is what limits hair loss and various imbalances (dandruff, oily or dry hair for example).
  4. Principles of care Thomas Liorac (A): first take care of yourself to have beautiful hair. To have beautiful hair, you must take care of your body, have a proper lifestyle. Some hair problems are simply stress or fatigue!
  5. Principles of care Thomas Liorac (B): use the products that nature offers us in priority. Nature offers simple products that respond to most hair problems: dry or fresh plants, vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable butters or not, clay, gels, lemon juice, vinegar etc. Often, these substances help solve one problem without creating another.
  6. We are not dermatologists: we do not have their skills or their knowledge. In case of significant problem, do not hesitate to consult your doctor, who will refer you to a dermatologist if he considers it necessary. The advice we give here is mostly common sense advice.