The comb is not my thing, I prefer the brushes. Oh?

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i woke up looking this good...

  1. Many people say this: "The comb is not my thing." In reality, they have experienced the syndrome of the plastic comb.
  2. After the war, until the 1980s, the plastics industry did everything possible to make plastic supplant the horn. Plastic combs have the appearance of horn combs.
  3. But the plastic comb does not have the qualities of the horn comb, which slips into the hair without hanging them.
  4. To unravel your hair does not rhyme with pain, use a horn comb. Like your hair, he will respect them, will not shoot them.
  5. Always unravel your hair starting with the tips. Unravel gradually by starting higher and higher. You will have a perfect disentangling, beautiful shiny hair and will not suffer to be beautiful!