The solution to your hair problems: space shampoos!

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  1. Space the shampoos to preserve the natural balance of your hair: the natural lipid film and the microbiota, which promote the resistance of the hair to the aggressions.
  2. oily hair: detergent shampoos are too aggressive. Use mild shampoos containing rhassoul or clay. Too often shampoos attack them and provoke their natural defense reaction.
  3. dry hair: too frequent shampoos attack the hair, destroy their natural lipid film. Use mild shampoos and space your shampoos. Ideally, space 4 days between shampoos.
  4. dandruff: shampoos unbalance the microbiota of your scalp. When there is an imbalance of the local flora, it is the pathogens that benefit! Use mild shampoos, containing essential oils of rosemary or cinnamon. Be careful, do not use the essential oil of cinnamon, very aggressive. Even diluted, it can burn!
  5. spacing shampoos also preserves your wallet: fewer products to buy, less water used!
  6. spacing shampoos preserves the planet and your environment, because they are all less products thrown into the nature.

Warning: for very important problems, consult a doctor or a dermatologist.