Transform our packaging into winter decoration

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Packaging Thomas Liorac

Aude, a customer from Ain, sent us a kind email to tell us how she reused or even diverted one of our packaging. We really liked it. This is typically the kind of email that gives meaning to our work. So, with his agreement, we share it with you! Thank you Aude!

And why not you ? Send us photos of your creations.


Good morning,

Some time ago I bought a hairbrush from you. It came in a package whose front had small square-shaped openings (3 x 6 squares and 2 x 3 squares below) so that you could see the brush through.

When opening it completely to put it in recycling, I put it upside down and the inside of the box is white. It made me think of these little houses that we find in decoration.

An idea to exploit? Zero waste type: transform your packaging into winter decoration?.

So, I just wanted to share this idea with you.

Best regards,


PS Here is what I did with it:

The type of Christmas decoration:

Christmas decoration