Tutorial : How to disentangle long hair with a comb ?

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  1. Démêlage des cheveuxuntwist regularly. It is best to do it morning and evening at least.
  2. start by untangling the spikes then disentangle starting from higher and higher.
  3. depending on your hair nature, let your hair dry or keep it moist. Some do not support the contact of the comb on their wet hair. Others, on the contrary, benefit from the "lubricating" effect of water. Those are more fortunate: well disentangled hair even smoothed before drying disentangles much more easily after.
  4. untangle your hair before washing. Thus, you will wash your hair deeper and do not add nodes to the nodes.
  5. use the right comb. If you have curly or curly hair (whether natural or artificial like a perm, for example), use an afro comb. If you have rather short or smooth hair, use a classic combing comb.
  6. to avoid packets of knots, untangle your hair in the day if necessary. Try to wear them attached if they are long.
  7. Unravel gradually, wick by wick.