What is the best treatment against lice and nits?

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ShiningWith the return of the classes, the lice will be perhaps again this year at the rendezvous of the children. For families, lice are a real calamity. Fighting these unwanted ones is synonymous with wasted time and money. It quickly becomes a problem. Especially since the products are often very toxic.

Here is a recipe for a miracle, simple and cheap, which maintains a beautiful hair, while repeating the health of the child and those around him, as well as his environment. Is it necessary to specify that in addition, it is radical? All nits are eliminated!

Here is the family anti-lice vinaigrette recipe:

You need: cooking oil, the cheapest, vinegar, whatever, the usual shampoo of the child.

  • impregnate the hair infested with cooking oil (your usual oil, the cheapest). Leave it to rest for about an hour.
  • To pass a comb fine (preferably comb anti lice in horn: the hair, oiled, respected by the comb, will be perfectly disentangled, smoothly).
  • Wash the hair thoroughly to eliminate the oil with the usual shampoo of the child
  • impregnate the hair with vinegar (any vinegar, whatever you have): the hair will be resplendent, and the nits will be burned (possibly use a small vaporizer to impregnate line by line all the hair: each slow must be in contact with the vinegar).
  • rinse it. Unsightly nits can be removed with a new anti-lice comb. They are all dead. For more safety, we can repeat this last stage of treatment a few days later, but it is most often useless.
  • In prevention: with each shampoo, put a little vinegar in the last rinse water, for a shiny and healthy hair.