What preventative care to bring to the hair during the summer?

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The sun is necessary for our health, both physical and moral. But to make the most of its benefits, it is best to limit your exposure to the sun to about 30 minutes, especially during the hot hours. Beyond 30 minutes, take some precautions to protect your hair.

Coucher de soleil à Meneham

  1. The first protection is of course to wear a hat, a scarf, a cap, or any object obscuring the sunlight. It is the safest and most harmless way, before solar products and creams. Use these only for rescue.
  2. As with the rest of the body, dehydration is an enemy of the hair. Drink a lot. Even more if you are highly exposed to heat, for example on a beach.
  3. Use a very gentle shampoo. Either a shampoo containing clay or rhassoul to absorb salt or chlorine, or a re-moisturizing shampoo.
  4. To dry your hair, pay attention to the hair dryer. Enjoy the summer to let your hair dry freely. Even wet, with a horn comb, it is possible to unravel them.
  5. Regularly use a horn comb, even during the day, to smooth and close the keratin scales of your hair. Thus treated, the hair is more resistant to external aggression, dryness due to sun, salt or chlorine.
  6. Once a week, make a re-moisturizing mask with a vegetable oil. It will help you keep beautiful hair healthy after the summer.