Your hair say something about you?

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All hair is in nature.

work hair On sees some free as the air, waving on one shoulder, landing on the lower back. Or in the figure, hiding the eyes of a fierce, wild teenager. Or even dressed like a teacher of yesteryear. Others are masterpieces of architecture, true artistic creations offered to the passers-by, generously, like to remind that the human nature rests on the sharing, the time offered to our close and less close. And then there are those who are pruned, dense, short, sculpted, bodybuilded. Nothing exceeds, nothing moves. There are bald, or almost bald, who fade to better highlight the wrinkles of life, those of crying and smiles. Finally, there is the hair neglected, tangled, sometimes dirty, like a proclamation to say "see how I am not materialistic"! :-)





Show me your hair, I'll tell you who you are.

Cheveux The best communication is consistent communication. But the body, and in particular the face, is your first communication tool. To build constructive relationships at work, in hobbies, or with your family, your "branding" must be consistent. Ask yourself about your personality (for example, you can refer to the nine personality types of the enneagram). Then ask yourself which hairstyle is consistent with that personality, and do not be afraid to assume it. Obviously, you must be comfortable with your choice.