Comb case (Size S)

Comb case (Size S)
  • Comb case (Size S)

Comb case (Size S)


This leather case measures 14 cm long and 4.8 cm wide. It is suitable for following models: Pocket Parisien, Pocket Bastia, Helsinki, Beard comb, Mustache comb.

The purchase of a leather case with a comb allows you to benefit from a 10-year warranty for the comb.

Cases colours: Brown

    Our cases are made of full grain cow leather. See our care instructions below.

    maintenance :

    Leather is a living material that softens and wears. The leather used are colored in full depth with no artificial finishing. Nothing is added to the surface.

    It is necessary to maintain the leather. Use a colorless grease. Do not apply wax.


    Data sheet

    14 cm
    4.4.8 cm
    14 g