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Classic combs

Conventional combs are those daily used for hair. The horn combs glide through the hair much better than wooden combs.

Classic combs


  • Large-toothed combs
    <p>Large toothed combs for ditangling hair gently.</p>
  • Joint combs
    <p>Double toothed combs for multipurpose use.</p>
  • Narrow-toothed combs
    <p>Narrow-toothed combs for smoothing hair</p>
  • Afro combs
    <p>The afro combs are especially designed for curly hair.</p>
  • Pocket combs
    <p>Pocket combs can slip easily into a handbag or sport bag thanks to their small size.</p>
  • Beard & face combs
    <p>Combs for beard, mustaches and eyebrows</p>
  • Crimping combs
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" xml:lang="en"><span>The crimping horn combs make it possible to obtain a volume effect.</span></span></p>

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The Marrakech comb has been specially designed for curly or permanent hair. It is also...
€25.50 Price
Grand Venise
The horn comb Grand Venise is a crimping comb very appreciated for its large size and its...
€25.50 Price
Petit Venise
The Petit Venise horn comb allows hair to be crimped. Smaller than its brother, it slips...
€21.08 Price
The Toscane horn comb allows hair to be crimped. Its long tooth size makes it possible to...
€20.58 Price