Thomas Liorac presents 2 new Combined comb & brush

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Combi longs

Because the combination of two high-end accessories is the best solution to treat her hair, the French manufacturer of horn combs offers two new combined "comb & brush"


Comb or brush? The end of the debate.

The debate is certainly less virulent than that on chocolate, but we find however unconditional followers of the comb or the opposite of the brush.

The truth is simple: if you know how to use them, comb and brushes are perfectly complementary. They are each essential for good hair hygiene.
The boar bristle brush to get rid of impurities and balance the hair.
The boar bristle brush is not sufficient for detangling because the hairs, although rigid, do not penetrate sufficiently into the hair. On the other hand, brushing makes it possible to knock down all the impurities that have clung to each other over the hours. The other popular benefit of the boar bristle brush is that it will distribute sebum from the hairline to the tips. It thus makes the natural mechanisms of protection of the hair more efficient by balancing the sebum. The hair is shiny and protected.
The horn comb to untangle and close the cuticle
The horn comb is known for removing static electricity, but its keratin composition also makes it incredibly comfortable for detangling. Instead of tearing the hair and hanging the scales of the hair, it closes (the cuticle) which makes the hair more silky and more resistant to aggression.

While the brush can, by the fineness of its structure, leave static electricity, the comb, passed after the brush, withdraws it completely.

Proceed in order to untangle the hair.

First we brush to prepare the disentangling and dusting. Then we comb to perfect the disentangling and aerate the hair, give it its movement and volume, evacuate static electricity.

Stop the wild disentanglement! How not to shoot like crazy? Too many people have been victims of the wild combing that pulls and hurts. You have to learn how to disentangle your hair by starting with the tips first and progressively up to the root.