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Combi cheveux longs - peigne en corne & brosse poils de sanglier
  • Combi cheveux longs - peigne en corne & brosse poils de sanglier

Combined(++) "long" horn comb & boar bristles brush

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For long hair

To combine the benefits of a horn comb and a boar bristle brush (see details)

  • Horn comb "Grand Cap Horn" (20.5cm)
  • A brush with wild boar bristles "Big Oval Brush" (21.5cm)
  • Maintenance kit for horn combs
  • Maintenance kit for wood brushes

Custom engraving: 2 for the price of 1. If you opt for an engraving, it will be done on both the comb and the brush.

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Comb case (size XL) +€12.33

This leather case measures 21 cm long and 6.7 cm wide. It is suitable for following models: Grand Cap Horn. Grand Bamako. Berlin.

The purchase of a leather case with a comb allows you to benefit from a 10-year warranty for the comb.

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Custom engraving +€8.17

We customize your combs or brushes. This is a very appreciated gift.

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Using both a comb and a brush is essential for the best results.

The horn comb makes it possible to unravel, close the cuticle and remove static electricity. The boar bristle brush helps to dust and distribute the natural sebum.

It is therefore the combination of the two that makes it possible to obtain the most silky, shiny and healthy hair.


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