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Trade name: Thomas Liorac (® trademark)
Headquarters: Le Bourg 24300 St-Martin-le-Pin, France
Company number: 79353103900030
CNIL: 1813463


Phone: 09 51 22 94 46
Email: contact [at] thomasliorac.com
Postal address: Thomas Liorac, Le Bourg 24300 St-Martin-le-Pin, France.
Website: https://www.thomasliorac.com


The company Thomas Liorac manufactures and distributes french-made horn combs and also sells related products. She owns the website and any total or partial reproduction of it should obtain a previous agreement. The use of hypertext links to this site is however free.

These general conditions of sale can be modified at any time without notice. In this case, the changes apply only to orders which came after validating these changes. The general conditions of sale apply on the date of reading this page and all present or future commercial transactions.

Article 1: Scope

These general conditions of sale govern the rights and obligations arising from the sale contract by the company Thomas Liorac, hereinafter referred to as "the vendor" to any natural or legal person, hereinafter "Purchaser" ordering products via the website.

Article 2: Products & Services

Horn Products : The buyer is informed that due to constraints related to the material used (horn), each object is unique in terms of aesthetics. Furthermore, due to the traditional character of the product, each object may have slight variations in size and weight.

Customizations : Unless specifically previous agreement, the customizations are applied to the back of the comb, and centered, on the understanding that the front side is the side which contains the Thomas Liorac logo. Most combs and brushes are customizable by checking the "Custom engraving" box on the product page. If the box is not present, the product is not customizable.

The texts are placed by the operator according to the colors and motifs of the horn or the wood. If there is no choice, the PinyonScript font is used. The PinyonScript font is not suited for all uppercase texts; If this situation occurs, the operator converts to lowercase from the second letter of the words. The engravings take a brown tint and therefore do not have the same visibility on the light or dark areas of the horn.

Changes on products : We may bring without notice, changes in the characteristics of products. In this case, we would not be required to provide items in the old specifications and responsibility of Liorac Thomas could not be committed.

Article 3: Order

Processing time : Orders will be processed within 7 working days from the receipt of payment. However, a significant delay may occur for some items, especially in case of being restocked. These items are clearly indicated on the website. In case of total closure for annual holidays, the closure dates are indicated on the website.

Unable to deliver : If unable to deliver the ordered item, the seller undertakes to inform the buyer as quickly as possible and to propose an article of an equivalent price or refund the amount paid. However, this situation cannot give rise to the payment of damages.

Address error : If an error is included in the data recorded in the order and causes non-delivery of it, the induced costs are entirely borne by the buyer, including new delivery fees, however package has been returned to the seller or not.

Order cancellation : Any order can be canceled until its status is not yet "preparation in progresse" or "shipped". In this case the buyer must absolutely call the seller by phone. The seller makes a full refund of the order within 14 days.

Order refusal : The seller reserves the right to refuse any order if a dispute exists between the buyer and seller.

Protection of minors : Minors do not have the capacity to contract, and the collection of data must be subject to the approval of parental authority who can oppose their conservation and / or transmission to third parties.

Special offers are only valid during their display time on the website.

Article 4: Price & Payment

Prices : prices expressed on the website are heard all taxes, excluding shipping, customs and packaging. Shipping charges are automatically calculated and displayed in the basket after account creation by the buyer according to the address of delivery he has chosen.

The seller may change the prices at any time, without notice. In this case, the applied prices are those indicated in the confirmation of the order.

The amount expressed in the validation of the order is considered firm and final.

Resolution of sale : The sale is considered effective when the payment was received by the seller. The validation of the order implies full acceptance of these terms of sale. The data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.

Payment : Payment can be paid by credit card on the website, by bank transfer or check.

If payment is made by check, it should be made out to Thomas Liorac and mailed.

Payment not succeeded : The order will be considered void if payment is not received within 30 days of order.

Article 5: Delivery

Carrier : Delivery is usually provided by the Post Office into mailbox, with tracking number.

Delivery : The purchaser is informed that French Post does not engage on the deadlines wich are given for simple information :

  •     Mail type - Estimated time of arrival
  •     Lettre suivie (France) - 24 hours working days
  •     Colissimo (France) - 48 hours working days
  •     Colissimo(DOM-TOM) - 5-7 working days
  •     Colissimo, Paquet prioritaire (International) - 4 to 8 working days


Delivery not reached : If, after a period of 30 days, the buyer has not received the parcel, the buyer sends a sworn statement by email. Thomas Liorac proceeds to a full refund within 14 days without charge. Thomas Liorac shall, where appropriate, make a claim with the carrier, providing the sworn statement of the buyer and the filing of evidence.

Receipt of order : Upon receipt of the order, the purchaser must verify the adequacy of the content with the command. The data recorded during the order shall serve as proof of the nature, content and date thereof.

Damaged package : If at the delivery, the product(s) is(are) damaged, the purchaser must inform the seller, within 2 working days after delivery. He must send by email a photograph of the product and a sworn statement and choose if he prefers refund or exchange. The seller makes a full refund within 14 days without charge or return the product at the expense of Thomas Liorac. Thomas Liorac shall, where appropriate, make a claim with the carrier, providing photography and sworn statement of the buyer, as well as the filing of evidence.

Missing article : If an item is missing and is not expressed to be sent later, the buyer must make a sworn statement within 7 business days, sent to the seller via email. Thomas Liorac returns the product at its expense.

Article 6: Duties & import limitations

Tariffs : For orders made outside France, tariffs are not included in the price. These duties are not the responsability of Thomas Liorac. Buyer is responsible to learn the amount he must pay upon receipt. The buyer is also responsible to carry out the formalities with the customs service in the country of delivery.

Import Restrictions : This contract is subject to French law, both for substantive rules and for the rules of form. It belongs therefore to the buyer to verify the possibility of importing the products ordered under the territory of the country of delivery.

Article 7: Withdrawal

Cancellation policy : The buyer has a period of 14 days from the date of delivery to change his mind.

Common rules of withdrawal : The buyer is required to complete the withdrawal form accessible from his account. He receives an acknowlegment by return email. Products must be returned in their original packaging with the invoice, accessories, manuals and documents attached, intact and without trace of use thereof. Any shipment which postage has not been paid is denied.

Cancellation with Refund option : The buyer returns the parcel to Thomas Liorac, within 14 days, at his expense (in the case of a partial withdrawal, the value of the returned products is refunded, but not the shipping costs). He uses a means of transport with tracking. He provides the tracking number to Thomas Liorac. Thomas Liorac proceeds to a full refund at no cost within 14 days of receipt of the withdrawal form, subject to receipt of goods (in good condition, including packaging and documentation) or providing the proof of transmission by the buyer. For refund, Thomas Liorac uses the same payment method as the buyer.

Cancellation with Exchange option : The buyer informs Thomas Liorac the products he wishes to substitute. Thomas Liorac makes a bill of the differential amount (price differential of the product + 2nd shipping costs). The buyer returns the parcel to Thomas Liorac at his expense. He joins the appropriate supplementary regulation to the shipment. He uses a means of transport with tracking. He provides the tracking number to Thomas Liorac. At reception, Thomas Liorac performs shipping products to replace, within 14 days from receipt of the withdrawal form, subject to receipt of goods (in good condition, including packaging and documentation), or provision of Proof of sending by the buyer.

Limitations on the right of withdrawal : Open gift boxes and damaged products are not accepted.

Moreover, the right of withdrawal does not apply to customized objects (engraving).

Article 8: Warranties

Warranty Conditions : If a product has a manufacturing defect, it must be returned to the vendor by tracked mail with a description of the defect and the purchase bill. The seller will replace the product or refund the item. All shipments which postage costs have not been paid will be refused.

In case the defective product is no longer available for purchase, it will be replaced by a similar product or refund.

Legal warranty : You benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity and hidden defects for two years from the date of sale.

Commercial extended warranty for horn combs : In the case of a comb stamped "Thomas Liorac" and bought together with a leather case, you get a wide commercial warranty of ten years from the date of sale.

Warranty exclusions horn products : The horn material being alive, a slight curvature related to weather or use conditions may appear. This is a normal reaction to humidity and ambient temperature which does not adversely affect material properties. The normal warranty cannot therefore extend to this case.

Moreover, the warranty does not cover defect not caused by the manufacturer:

  •     breakages (including teeth of the combs, see below) following a shock or extrinsic causes,
  •     damage due to improper storage (wetland or heating)
  •     damage due to improper use (use in the shower)
  •     curvatures due to the natural evolution of matter
  •     no annual maintenance (Thomas Liorac provides the buyer with a maintenance manual)

Warranty specifics for tooth breakage : The attention of the buyer is drawn to the specific conditions for taking care of broken teeth of horn combs. After 3 months of use, apart from cases of duplication, tooth breakage is deemed accidental or attributable to the use by the buyer, and not to the manufacturing or the material. Beyond three months after delivery, tooth breakage cannot therefore be covered by the warranty.

Article 9: Personal data

Data collected during orders has been declared to the CNIL.

The information collected on this site during your order is recorded in a file computerized by GVMT Créations to process your order and ensure the commercial relationship with the customer. They are kept for five years and are intended for the services of GVMT Créations.

In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés", you can exercise your right of access to data concerning you and have them rectified by writing to Thomas Liorac, Le Bourg 24300 St-Martin-le-Pin, France or by e-mail to contact [at] thomasliorac.com

Art. 10: Intellectual Property

All elements of the site www.thomasliorac.com, visual and sound, are protected by copyright, the right to intellectual property, trademarks or patents. They are the exclusive property of Thomas Liorac.

The buyer and third parties undertake to respect all intellectual property rights of Thomas Liorac. They will notably seek previous authorization for any use of trademarks, drawings, photographs and models, as well as all other rights held by Thomas Liorac.

The buyer expressly agrees that custom combs can be taken into photography by Thomas and Thomas Liorac Liorac used for commercial purposes.

Article 11: Jurisdiction

The general conditions of sale and www.thomasliorac.com website are subject to French law. Thomas Liorac gives no guarantee compliance of its website to local laws that would be applicable as soon as the buyer accesses the website from other countries.

In case of disagreement, an amicable solution will be sought before any legal action.