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 Good morning, 

I received the ordered comb. I am very satisfied with the product. Good luck and happy holidays to you. 

Dominique B. (15.12.2023)

I hope you're doing well. A few days ago I received the new comb.

Thank you very much, it is a very beautiful object and I also thank you for the new engraving.


Alberto P. (13.12.2023)

Good morning

THANKS. Have received my package and am very satisfied with it.

Best regards  

Sophie B. (06.12.2023)

[transform your packaging into winter decoration]. Some time ago I bought a hairbrush from you. It was delivered in packaging (read more on the blog)...

Aude A. (02.12.2023)

Good morning

I received the comb, it is really perfect, thank you very much!!!

Beautiful day

Ketsia C. (25.11.2023)

Good morning,

the comb has arrived! He is perfect. A work of art. What a joy to see this know-how continue. I ordered another one for my wife.

Best regards

Neil B. (04.11.2023)

Good morning,

Good morning,

Order well received, I am particularly delighted with the Hokkaido model, good grip and very gentle on my damaged hair.

Thank you again for the quality of your products and the care of shipping.

I found the cardboard boxes pretty and colorful, an extra smile when opening the envelope!

Best regards,

Rachel G. (09/25/2023)

Good morning,

Hello, I am still delighted with the quality of your combs, thanks to this new order I will have them in all my living spaces. Thank you for the quality of your work, long and good luck!

Rachel G. (18.09.2023)

Good morning,

A quick note to tell you that I received my order (mentioned in reference) in good time and that I am very happy with the comb and the brush that I chose.

I will come back to you to order vegetable oil to protect them.

My compliments to the entire team for the excellent work you do. It's comforting to come across a company and its employees dedicated to authenticity, craftsmanship and the desire to do well.


Margaret T. (09/11/2023)

Good morning,

I received the comb and the brush with the pouch. I wanted to highlight the quality and salute the work done which is exceptional (I may also order one). Julian, who turned one and was the recipient of the gift, has already adopted him! 😊 Have a nice day. 

Jocelyn C. (03.08.2023)

I received my hairpins and as usual the beauty and quality are there. Thank you so much

Marielle C. (15.07.2023)


Hello 🙂,

I allow myself to use the form to leave a customer review. I ordered a horn comb two years ago with a brush cleaner. Take good care as indicated to dry the comb after use on towel dry hair. Carefully I dry it with a towel and let it dry completely in a non-humid place in the open air after each use. The comb is still like new! Super quality of work. I oil it from time to time and it's perfect. And the cleaner works perfectly to remove all the dust and hair from my boar bristle brush. I highly recommend 😃. 

Nausica Sarah R. (07/11/2023)


Good morning,

just a little message to inform you that I have received my order, in a pretty pouch! 

This comb, in addition to being very pleasant to use, is magnificent!

Thank you for this lovely work.

Martine G. (28.06.2023)


Good morning,

I just received my order.

I am very happy with my purchase, beautiful presentation, comb as I expected.

I hope the recipient of this gift will be satisfied, I have no doubt.

Charles A. (05/19/2023)


This message is to inform you that I have received the horn comb.

It meets my expectations..


Diane H. (05/18/2023)

I received my comb today, great craftmanship, I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you!

Best regards

Antonio M. (05.04.2023)

Good morning, 

Comb ordered and received. He is great. Thank you very much for bringing quality craftsmanship to life! 


Pauline V. (05.04.2023)

Good morning,

I received the horn comb, the quality is there in addition to being beautiful and you can clearly feel the difference between a plastic comb and a horn comb;

Very satisfied with my order

Lilian B. (01.04.2023)

Thank you great, very good product with a very nice finish 

Benjamin P. (12/19/2022)

Hello Marguerite and Grégoire, a little message from one of the 2 bike hikers who stopped by your place at the end of August 2022 unexpectedly (Steeve and Guillaume). Grégoire showed us around the workshop and gave me a comb. I have completely adopted it and I admit that there is no photo with a plastic comb... So much so that I plan to share it with my friend in turn... thank you for making such products and for introducing them to us! Happy holidays to you! Looking forward to meeting you again one day, perhaps by bike ;)

Guillaume D. (13.12.2022)

Good morning,

I would like to confirm that I have received my order for which I thank you. She is perfect :-)

Happy end of year and best regards.

Catherine W. (12.12.2022)

Order sent on the 5th and I received your shipment today...Thank you for your diligence!

A very nice Christmas gift for a Mustachioed 😉😅!

Well done !

Catherine L. (08.12.2022)

I wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with your products. 

The comb is very beautiful and very pleasant to use. The brush is less elaborate but practical, the handle allows a good, fairly ergonomic grip. Both do their job very well, I lose less hair and they are softer and shinier. 

If I may allow myself a small suggestion for future improvement, the brushes could be delivered with a small bag which would allow them to be preserved for transport or everyday use. 

Séverine M. (07.12.2022)

All is well ! Thank you so much !

Bernard P. (01.12.2022)

 Good morning !

I would like to thank you. I received my order a few days ago, and this is the 3rd comb that I have ordered from you.
The colors are magnificent, and above all, the quality is there. My hair reaches my lower back, and at no time does it get caught in imperfections on my teeth.
My latest order is the large Cap Horn, which ensures a good grip and makes straightening perfectly smooth and pleasant.

Thank you for this wonderful work that you do. Thank you for the values ​​and principles that you support through your site. I really like what you do 😉

With all my friendship,

Ludivine G. (30.10.2022)

Hello Mrs and Mr Villedey,

I particularly wanted to thank you for my magnificent engraved horn comb, Afro style, the Grand Bamako model.

I gave myself this very special gift for Christmas, along with an eyebrow comb.

Madame Villedey, you have done a remarkable job manufacturing your combs, the quality is incredible.

Your company appealed to me for its Living Heritage Company label and the excellence of your know-how in a little-known field.

You allowed me to reconcile myself with my thick and curly hair. Detangling has long been synonymous with suffering for me.

Thanks to you, it has become a pleasure, an immense joy to comb and care for my hair with your beautiful raw material.

In addition, I gave my sister a comb engraved with her first name, as well as a superb red case, she was delighted.

Many thanks to both of you.

Lucile G. (16.10.2022)

The combs arrived safely in Sydney, Australia, despite concern over the package. Excellent and fast customer service. Due to the thick texture of my hair, I was looking for an afro style horn comb; but it needed to have narrower, denser teeth to be able to handle my thick, wavy hair and align the hair properly for further styling. Your company provided exactly what I wanted with the Marrakech model; that I can't find an equivalent elsewhere. Other Afro combs supplied by other horn comb manufacturers in France have fewer teeth (5, 4 or 3 teeth compared to 8 teeth in Marrakech), and are not as suitable for my wavy hair.

The Marrakech Afro comb is an excellent compact size, with nice thick teeth that don't break easily, and is excellent for detangling. Beautiful workmanship, ideal comb thickness and consistent rounding of the tooth edges and handle area for all combs.

The double-sided travel comb is the perfect size and fits entirely in the palm of my hand. There is no uneven spacing between the teeth and the deepest points of the teeth, even when narrow, have no films and other particles easily stick due to lack of static electricity . This makes cleaning easier with the brush from the cleaning kit.

Grand Bastia is a very good "comb for the home", wide and easy to handle both for detangling and for styling before finishing with a narrow-toothed comb, like the travel comb I ordered. Large size with excellent and consistent tooth spacing and beautiful finish, no roughness on the finish and preserves a natural shine.

How to use? I recommend using shea butter with your choice of natural oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus oil in hair, dry hair until damp, then spread the shea butter on the hair, before using the oil last. Finally, when using the comb, the oil on the hair will also oil the comb, then drying with a cloth will ensure minimal distortion.

Use combs; there is almost no friction or pulling on the hair; the comb moves through the hair smoothly with almost no resistance. This is superior to the bakelite combs I have, and comparable to the mother of pearl combs I own.

The suggestion for a future comb design is to have a narrow tooth version of the Grand Bastia.

Thank you very much and I hope to purchase from Thomas Liorac again for my family members. I support these excellent Made in France products, and please don't change anything about the manufacturing and sourcing of materials. I know it is an ethical company and it has my complete confidence.

The combs arrived safely in Sydney, Australia despite anxiety over the package. Excellent and fast customer service. Because of the thick texture of my hair, I was looking for a horn comb that was in the Afro style; but it had to have narrower and denser teeth so that it could handle my wavy thick hair, and align the hair properly for styling later. Your company has provided exactly what I wanted in Marrakech; which I am unable to find equivalent anywhere else. Other Afro Combs provided by other horn comb manufacturers in France have teeth that are fewer (5, 4, or 3 teeth compared to 8 teeth in Marrakech), and are not as suited to my wavy hair.

The Marrakech Afro comb is an excellent compact size, with nice thick teeth that will not break easily, and is excellent for detangling. Beautiful workmanship, ideal thickness of the comb, and consistent rounding of the teeth edges and handle area for all combs.

The double-sided Travel comb is the perfect size, and fits entirely in the palm of my hand. There is no irregular teeth spacing, and the deepest points of the teeth, even when narrow, do not have dandruff and other particles stick easily because of the lack of static electricity. This makes it easy to clean with the brush in the cleaning kit.

Grand Bastia is a very good "house comb", large and easy to manage for both detangling and styling before finishing with a narrow-tooth comb, like the Travel comb that I ordered. Large size with excellent and consistent tooth spacing and beautiful finishing, no roughness on the finish and preserves a natural gloss.

How to use? Recommended to use Shea Butter with your choice of natural oils, like Lavender, Eucalyptus oil in the hair, dry hair until damp, and then spread Shea Butter throughout hair, before using oil last. Finally, when using the comb, the oil on the hair will oil the comb as well, and then afterwards drying with a cloth will make sure there is minimal warping.

Using the combs; there is nearly no friction or tugging on the hair; the comb moves through the hair smoothly with nearly no resistance. This is superior to the Bakelite combs that I have, and comparable to Mother of Pearl combs that I own.

Suggestion for a future comb model, is to have a narrow-teeth version of the Grand Bastia.

Thank you so much and I hope to buy again from Thomas Liorac for my family members. I support these excellent Made in France products, and please do not change anything about the manufacturing and sourcing of materials. I know this is an ethical company and it has my full confidence.

Mr. HY Lau - Sydney Australia (18.08.2022)

I received my bar. She is beautiful.!!Thank you.

Marielle C. (13.07.2022)

Long time customer and more than 100 percent satisfied, my wife will be happy to discover your work. Greetings from Belgium

Rudy D. (25.06.2022)

Hello, I received the order today, your items are magnificent and of great beauty, well done. Thank you very much.

Claudine R. (06.25.2022)

Video on TikTok

@camille_c.b (11.05.2022)

Many thanks for your efficiency!
Your superb brush is leaving for Denmark today. You will make a happy little girl,
Congratulations on your great products!

Gisèle L. (05/07/2022)

This is the second time I have ordered from you.
And the products are still beautiful and of high quality.
Thank you and good luck

Laurent C. (04/17/2022)

First of all thank you for your products which are magnificent! Last year I ordered a small Parisian which made me
happy (only fault: a piece of horn on the surface came off after a few uses, in a vein, on
a lighter area)
Thank you very much for your work!

Benjamin O. (04/14/2022)

Just a message to tell you my satisfaction.
I discovered you when buying a comb in a store in Foix, more than 10 years ago I think.
Some time later, a tooth broke and following contact, you asked me to return it to you for replacement.
On the occasion, I pointed out to you that it was a shame that it was not signed with your logo.
Well, a few days later I received a replacement comb engraved with the logo.
At the end of 2021, I ordered two other combs from you, and again, I am very satisfied with them.
Bravo to you and continue in this perfection.

Bernard P. (08.04.2022)

This is the 5th comb that I have purchased from you, and I now only do my hair with your models to which I have been loyal for 6 years. So just, thank you. These are essential everyday accessories and you have made them attractive, qualitative, like a little positive extra that beautifies every day and my hair. Bamako on wet hair is just great for detangling. And I love being surprised by how each comb looks when I discover it in my mailbox. So this is a little gift I'm giving myself for Christmas. Thanks again, don’t change anything :)

Solène M. (17.12.2021)

HELLO - just to tell you that the comb is very beautiful - thank you very much

Pascale B. (10.12.2021)

I have received my order and thank you for the gift keyring which will go very well on mine.
The combs are beautiful and should work well in the family's hair.
Happy end of the year

Anne F. (29.11.2021)

I have received the 2 combs. They are very beautiful. Very satisfied.
Thank you.

Jérôme D. (27.11.2021)


Satisfied customer, FULLY even, I send you all my congratulations, 10 years, well done it is (well) deserved.
Thank you again and good luck...

Kind regards,

Christophe R. (11.11.2021)

Hello, thank you we have received the order, we were looking for a good quality horn comb to give to our daughter, she really liked the comb. Thank you again, we are delighted. Great products and wonderful hair care tips. congratulations to all.

Stéphane and Faroudjha (06.11.2021)

Keep going! I admire your work. I hope more and more people will buy durable and quality products

Julia G (21.10.2021)

Hello Sir,

I would like to contact you to thank you for the comb that I received yesterday and which I was able to test.

The object itself is superbly made and its case highlights it and protects it at the same time.

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Indeed, I already had a horn comb called "afro" for my beard from the British manufacturer Abbeyhorn and I was satisfied with it but wishing to always have a second one with me, I ordered this item from you and I must say that it surpasses the first in terms of length of teeth, rounding of the tips of these (the skin under the beard being more sensitive than the scalp, this is a real plus) and general design of the comb. The superb case totally finishes off this item. The hardest part now will be to resist buying a second identical comb to replace the Abbeyhorn in my bathroom.

Thank you very much for your quality work!

Best regards.

Mickael F (22.08.2021)

Dear ,

A little note to thank you for the speed and quality of the shipment. The brush and comb received are perfect.

Sincerely .

Sandrine LG (17.07.2021)

Package received. Very nice packaging, nice merchandise.

Nadine D. (11.05.2021)

I have received my order for three horn combs, which will be my Mother's Day gift.
As usual, they are really beautiful and I thank you very much.
I wish you a very good future, both personal and professional.
Very cordially.

Claudine B. (03.05.2021)

Today I received my first horn comb purchased after searching on the internet for a quality horn comb, handcrafted in France. Well after some hesitation I chose a model from Thomas Liorac, and as soon as I opened the envelope I saw and felt that I had in my hand THE comb I was looking for. I passed it directly from my hand to my beard and my beard fell straight in love with it! how sweet! I can't wait to try after applying beard oil from Lames et Traditions, which will nourish my comb at the same time as my beard! The duration remains to be seen, but given the customer comments and the 10 year guarantee if the comb is purchased with a leather case from the house, I have no worries. I'm just happy! long live Made In France, well done for your products!

Mathieu DB. (18.03.2021)

France Bleu Périgord (12.02.2021)

Interview to read

Good evening !
I received the package with a superb comb inside!
Thank you for your seriousness and the efficiency of your family business!
This is why I chose you and why I will continue to make you known!
Best wishes !
Good to you!

Angèle M. (27.01.2021)

Good morning !

I wanted to leave you a testimonial based on my long-term use of your combs :)

I got my first comb as a gift in 2016 (grand cap horn), and it is still impeccable! (In 2018, I gave my father a beard kit which he also loves!)
I moved to the USA 3 years ago and I wanted to test combs here (to limit the carbon footprint and buy local). I found a site which, like you, seems to be a small business run by passionate people, sourcing ethically: I bought two different combs from Cape Horn in 2019, just to complete my collection ( one with very wide spaced teeth and one with very fine, close teeth), I liked them too.
Well today in 2021, the comparison is impressive: yours is much more durable! I alternate the use of my 3 combs approximately equally. The other two are warped and cracked (only after 2 years: probably need to be oiled much more often than yours?!), while my Cape Horn after 5 years, oiled every 1-2 years, looks like its first day.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the quality of your work and your talent in their creation and in the choice of materials. Not to mention the aesthetics :) Well done, thank you and good luck!

Raphaëlle L. (23.01.2021)


I just received my comb this morning, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. It's beautiful and absolutely perfect for my hair.


Patrick S. (01/05/2021)

Small envelope arrived well and what I could see through the packaging is tip-top. Thank you for everything.
Very nice continuation to you!
Best regards

Blandine B. (13.12.2020)

We have just received our brushes. We are very satisfied with these items and the beautiful craftsmanship.
The care taken in the packaging is not negligible either.
With all our thanks.

Marie-Rose D. (09.12.2020)

hello, today I received the 4 combs ordered. I wanted to thank you for the ultra-fast shipping and above all say THANK YOU A THOUSAND for the wonderful quality of your combs and for putting them on sale at a really fair price given the quality. I am now impatiently awaiting the restocking of the Hokkaido model. wonderful craftsmen like you who make quality products available to everyone, it’s such a pleasure. see you soon and good luck

Pascal L. (09.12.2020)

I would like to thank you warmly for the attention with which my order was prepared, the comb is magnificent!
I wish you a pleasant day and courage in these difficult times.

Magalie G. (11/18/2020)

I have received my comb and would like to express my complete satisfaction to you. I am impressed by the quality of your product. As soon as I used my comb, I felt a clear difference with my wooden comb. What a joy this new comb is, it is so soft, so beautiful and so well made! My request regarding the color was perfectly respected, a magnificent color! The packaging is superb, I will keep it carefully.
Long live Thomas Liorac and I will certainly come back to you to purchase future gifts.
THANK YOU also for our telephone conversations where we clearly feel your kindness and your love of the profession.

Pascale B. (02.09.2020)


Just a quick note to thank you and congratulate you for your seriousness because I have received my new comb.

Loise P. (25.08.2020)

Madam, Sir,

My sister Ekaterina received your products today for her birthday and was more than satisfied, literally enchanted because her hair, already very beautiful, has become so well cared for and beautified! I was sure he would like it! She thanks you from the bottom of her heart, and her teeth are as rounded as she wanted. Finally, thank you for all the care taken with my order!

Wishing you an excellent vacation, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of all my gratitude.

Aline B. (05.08.2020)

I just received this comb. It's really great! I don't regret my choice. Thank you for this beautiful work

Claire S. (23.07.2020)


I received your comb and brush today and I am super satisfied. We feel that they are made with care and love. My fear was that the brush would make my hair electric but unlike other brushes I have tried (and perhaps with the addition of the comb) the electric effect does not last long so it is not disturbing.

Also, many thanks for the express delivery!


Océane C. (19.06.2020)

Good morning!

Today I received the large Bamako comb ordered a few days ago.
I would like to thank you for the quality of the comb which is beyond what I imagined, the personalized inscription also looks superb! I am very happy to have chosen you. Have

a nice day

Réhane P. (12.05.2020)

Madam, Sir, thank you for my order arriving today. Bravo for the pretty boxes which carefully wrap each product. My gifts are already planned for Christmas 2019 but next year I will buy from you.
I wish long life to your family business that I am discovering.

Christiane B. (10.12.2019)

I just received my personalized comb. Thank you for your work. It is beautiful and with it the animal that gave you the horn with which you fashioned it will continue to live in some way.
Best regards.

MH L. (05.12.2019)

Hello, I am a consumer who is a big fan of your products.
At the moment the fashion is for hair care and it is popularized in particular by beauty YouTubers and Instagrammers and even stars (why not send products or make partnerships) and also via distribution by Sephora (which sells satin scrunchies or microfiber towels to dry the hair without damaging it) I discovered your products from an internet personality who recommended the "horn" to avoid damaging your hair. I think few people know your products, make yourself known. the fashion is "how to preserve your hair fiber" good luck :)

Maureen F. (06.10.2019)



I would like to thank you again for what you have done and for taking into account my choice of color, the white hokkaido that I received is magnificent, the light passes through; since I received my first horn comb, combing my hair has been a real meditation session for me. I do this sitting cross-legged in the sun no matter how long it lasts, I go into my dreams and it brings me calm and relief, real happiness, it’s my therapy. Thank you for everything.

Sonia D. (11.09.2019)



I just want to tell you that I am completely satisfied with the combs that I had you make.
I am happy with the quality of the products and the finishes.


Laurent C. (08/31/2019)


Thank you for the Afro comb which is beautifully made and in the coloring I requested.

With kind regards,

Carmen H. (24.07.2019)


Blog article:

My-totem (10.06.2019)


Hello and above all congratulations!

Bravo for the quality of your combs and your kindness. Congratulations on your new site and good luck with the move and installation

Best wishes !

Brigitte M. (10.05.2019)


I received the new comb that you sent me.
It is used daily to maintain my Shih Tzu's coat.
He loves it!!!
As for me, I already have a small collection of your combs and I find that my hair is more and more beautiful,
thank you very much.

Catherine A. (05/07/2019)


Good morning

I received my order and am very happy with it. That's some great work you're doing there.

Valérie M. (04.28.2019)


Good morning,

I wanted to thank you, more than a year ago you exchanged a defective comb for me, and since I got the new one, in a year it hasn't moved and is perfect! So I plan to buy another one,

Elise F. (28.04.2019)


My mother and I are delighted with our combs ordered separately (+gift), they are really very beautiful and super pleasant to use, we intend to take care of them so as to keep them for life if possible! I am now considering buying one for my two cats a little later (in the  animal combs section ). All the best !

Sonia D. (28.02.2019)

Very beautiful, and good combs!
A team that listens, is very professional, and also very responsive!
I already have three combs. And I will order some for two little girls, so that they can have their own...
Thank you for this beautiful work!

Laureen F.  (27.02.2019)

I have received your new comb and thank you warmly for your shipment.
I am delighted to be able to use this accessory again, which absolutely delighted me from the first uses,
thank you.

Michèle F. (02/21/2019)


Blog article:  I tested the horn comb from “Thomas Liorac”, My opinion


I tested the comb in co...  #Beauté  #Discovery  #Make -Up  #ProductTest  #Viedemaman  #accessories  #lifestyle  #look

— Lartdeschoix (@Lartdeschoix92)  February 12, 2019


The art of choices (12.02.2019)

Good morning,

Thank you for such a comprehensive site, I have been looking for a horn comb for years and your site answered all my questions.

Furthermore, your motivations and values ​​are very honorable and I wish you continued success.

I look forward to trying your product!

Justine M. (10.02.2019)


I have been ordering combs for years and I am very satisfied with your know-how.
Thank you for your expertise.
Your combs are very beautiful, it’s a great pleasure to do your hair.

Francine C. (02/06/2019)


Always so delighted with your combs, I recommend them to those around me, and it has become a drug, also as my range is complete, I now offer some! This was also my first brush order and they seem as good quality as the combs.
Thank you for taking into account the choice of rather white colors for the little Bamako, I am very happy.

Solène R. (04.02.2019)


Just to thank you (belatedly) because the color is perfect.
Greetings from the Tarn.

AD (27.01.2019)


, I received your comb last night.
Thank you very much, it’s very beautiful too!
 Bravo for your work in any case.
Good day

Elodie B. (10.01.2019)


Good evening,
I received the new comb...
With my sincere thanks, I am very satisfied!
Sincerely, Happy New Year!

Danièle B. (01/09/2019)


I completely recommend Thomas Liorac combs! Attentive listening, answers to all my questions, the choice of a comb adapted to my hair and pretty just as I wanted. The result: my very long hair is easily detangled without breaking it, and it is immediately shinier. I am amazed by the quality of the comb and its positive effect on my hair (and the environment!).
In addition, the shipping was fast... I am delighted to have discovered your store.
See you soon !

Kim-Y. (01/09/2019)


Good evening
I received the comb today. It is very beautiful and will please my son...
Very good luck... and I wish you a very happy holiday season.
Best regards

Sylvie F. (13.12.2018)


I have received the products and I wanted to thank you for the gesture of Full Black as well as for the speed of processing the order.
I really appreciate the quality of your combs.

AD (26.11.2018)


I wanted to tell you that I am very satisfied with your products. After buying a comb for me, my partner wanted to get one for his beard.

Very good quality, keep it up!

Good luck, thank you.

Ludivine G. (16.11.2018)


I received my order and thank you, it's great. Happy birthday and above all good deals.

Gérard G. (16.11.2018)


My package arrived today, thank you. I am very pleased with my comb and I am sure it will last me for the rest of my years.

Thank you very much once again for all your help.

Best regards,

Neil F. (05.09.2018)


Many thanks for the magnificent comb you sent me in exchange for the defective one. I am absolutely delighted with it! Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Jessica R. (24.08.2018)


Good morning,

I ordered a comb recently from you, I am so satisfied with it I decided to give one to my friend who has long hair.

Thank you again for your superb work.

Marie P. (21.08.2018)


Hello Sir,

I have received the comb and I thank you for sending it. It's really beautiful and I'm delighted.

Many thanks for your professionalism, I will not hesitate to recommend your brand to those around me.


Marion B. (21.08.2018)


Blog article:

HeartFull Blog. (14.08.2018)


Good morning,

Thank you for the wonderful products you offer. It is a daily pleasure to use them, as much as to see them.
Would not change a thing ! :-)

Best regards.

Mélanie V. (10.08.2018)


Well received combs and brush. They are all super beautiful. Work of artists. Congratulations to the whole team who achieve such wonderful things. THANKS.

Jacqueline L. (08.08.2018)



Thanks to Thomas Liorac for this magnificent horn comb ???????? For information, the horns mainly come from sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, livestock farming is mainly extensive, and cattle are not dehorned. Furthermore, local breeds have large and very good quality horns. #comb #corncomb #thomasliorac #horn #hairstyle #hairstyle #hair #hair #blog #blogger #beauty #natural

A post shared by  ???? ????????organic product tester  (@heartfullblog) on ​​August 8, 2018 at 2:44 PDT


Good morning,

Today we received your horn comb with case. Thank you so much! We want to tell you that we discovered the horn combs at the Saturday market in St. Girons. We visited Ariège several times on vacation and saw the making of combs at the Les forges de Pyrène museum in Montgaillard!


Bart VDB. (31.07.2018)


11 months after purchasing the large oval boar bristle brush I wanted to testify to its 5-star quality. My hair is shinier, healthier. The brush does not get damaged, the wood is impeccable and the bristles do not deform and yet I wash it every evening with a mild shampoo + cold water and it dries overnight on a towel. In the morning it is clean and as effective as on the first day. Such durable quality for a very reasonable price (30 euros), I warmly recommend it.

Patricia LD (20.07.2018)


My hair is happiest with your shampoo and combs.

Georgette D. (13.07.2018)


Good morning

I received my order for two large model Bamakos for the birthdays of my sister and one of her daughters and I hope they will be as happy with them as I am.

So far, everyone to whom I have given one of your combs has been delighted with it, so I continue to give them to the whole family...

Very cordially

Claudine B. (22.06.2018)


Good morning,

I received the comb and the brush. They are beautiful, thank you! the comb is not quite straight but I suppose that is normal (natural horn) and that does not change its usefulness. I, who was not used to combing my hair, find it very pleasant with this comb. Thank you again for your work and I wish your craft business a long life, (I think I will come back to you to make gifts)

ps: the leather case is also very beautiful. We see that your products are of quality. This is what I was looking for. best wishes !

Marusia R. (04.06.2018)



I would like to thank you for your promptness with which you sent me my order of 2 hairbrushes.


Fernand A. (26.04.2018)


We have received your package; gift for Mother's Day. Thank you very much: the packaging is very pretty!

Please accept our very sincere greetings.

Marie-Martine P. (04/18/2018)


I received my order a few days ago. I am very satisfied with it. Nice presentation and very good quality of products. I am very happy with the size of the barrette and it is beautiful.
I highly recommend shopping on your site.

Patricia A. (30.03.2018)


I have just received my order and I wanted to thank you for the care that was taken with it. In fact, I asked you for the Marrakech comb in light color, (well, it is partially light, it's not your fault, I imagine the stock is random in terms of color, it completely satisfies me), Its protective pouch in red leather is beautiful, neat and solid.
I asked you for well-taped packaging, which you did, everything arrived well closed. The
Marrakech comb is superb, you can feel the quality, and the boar hair brush is also very good.
I will place other orders again when I need it
Thank you
Kind regards

Séverine D. (10.03.2018)

Good evening Mr. Villedey,
The exchanged comb gives great joy to its holder!
Thank you so much !
The best for you, your wife and your business,

Anne-Catherine P. (05.03.2018)


I have received the comb ordered, it is superb.

Walter B. (05.03.2018)


I received the package,
thank you very much, the two brushes are very beautiful.
Good day

Clara C. (01.03.2018)


Good evening,
it's a very nice surprise to have received a brand new comb with the engraving still present!
a big thank you, I'm looking at how to put positive feedback on the networks,
super happy. Have a good evening

Thomas W. (02/27/2018)


Thank you for completing my order and especially the choice and respect of the colors requested for the "Valentine's Day" comb, well done!!

Marie-Noëlle P. (02/20/2018)


I received the comb, thank you again for the color, it’s perfect!
Good day

David T. (11.02.2018)


On the occasion of this first order I wanted to congratulate you. What a marvel this craftsmanship and know-how, and these good products made from materials made for!
My amazement comes in particular from the fact that around 20 years ago I had the opportunity during professional training (in heritage) to visit, in the Oise, the Saint-Félix brush factory, which had closed its doors in 1979 and, bought by the Department of Oise, became an eco-museum (in itself, that's horrible!). Everything remained as it was, the energy used being supplied (until 1979!) by the paddle wheel. And there was there, for our training, and no doubt sometimes for the first visitors to the opening museum, a man of around sixty years old who was a veteran of the factory, and the last in France to know how to mount the hairs of brush invisibly on the back of the wood: the user had not thought about it but indeed, how to do it! The demonstration dazzled us.
I seem to have read on your site that you bring your brushes from Germany. I hope that you will one day be able to reintroduce this know-how in France!
I don't know if you knew this museum in Saint-Félix, it's far from where you live, so this information may be useful to you in some way.
Wishing you good success, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best consideration.

Véronique D. (27.01.2018)


I collect horn pins for the respect of my hair and for the look and chic hold it gives.  This fine pin  is perfect in every way, a little expensive perhaps but for such quality this beautiful purchase is worth it. Many thanks and best wishes!

Laure G. (22.01.2018)


Good morning,

I received the two combs I ordered this morning: they are very beautiful!
You make people happy with your articles of such good quality,
thank you to the whole team...

Best regards.

Jacqueline B. (15.01.2018)


, I wish you a very happy new year 2018.
Continue to shower us with the beautiful products that you make and thank you to people like you, lovers of beautiful work.
Very cordially,
One of your clients, also a lover of beautiful things and never missing an opportunity to give you well-deserved publicity.

Claudine B. (01.01.2018)


Hello, I would like to give you my negative opinion on my order reference in object: the gift packaging at €4.20 is a totally abusive price for a simple low-end gift bag, the engraving at €8 is of poor quality. is not made and executed to the same standard as your logos and does not correspond with what you are selling in the photo, and finally the teeth of the combs have fragilities visible to the naked eye such as internal micro cracks on part of the teeth and on one side only, such as poorly adjusted rotation speed or poorly sharpened tools.
Thank you for publishing my opinion on your site. I wanted to give a gift and buy French while supporting a French SME, but I must say that I am disappointed, I wanted to buy others.

Malika G. (21.12.2017)

We are sorry for these errors and apologize to you. We will contact you to find a solution, either refund or replacement. We are aware that these solutions will not erase the disappointment of the first shipment. At the same time, Marguerite will carry out an internal investigation to identify the dysfunctions that have occurred in our organization in order to improve our processes on the various points that you highlight.
Sincerely. Grégoire V. 12/21/17

I sincerely thank you for your commercial and very honest approach on your part. So I accept the comb on a white background.
Upon receipt of the package, I will provide you with my new comment on your after-sales service and customer follow-up.
Kind regards,
Malika G. 12/21/2017


Good morning,

I received the combs, they are magnificent

Thanks a lot .

Pierrette L. (17.12.2017)


Satisfied with the items received but, wishing to offer them, I am disappointed that, on the packaging of the pin brush, the virtues and maintenance advice of natural brushes are presented. This is an error, for me, unwelcome.

Michèle M. (10.12.2017)

Many thanks for your comment. Indeed, there is inconsistency and this will be improved on our next series of boxes.


Hello, I wanted to thank you. I had a very bad experience with a so-called horn comb when I was younger and I was very afraid to try it again. Then I saw a report on your combs a year ago. It took me a year to convince myself but I ordered two combs a few days ago and received them this morning. They are beautiful and my hair really liked them. The difference is incredible. I didn't know my hair could be this soft

Isabelle C. (09.12.2017)


Good evening,
I received my comb and its case. Very beautiful items with a lot of elegance and class, just as I like. I recommend this product.
Best regards

Corinne G. (06.12.2017)


Just to thank you, I am very happy with my order! Super fast reception, even though I live in Canada. Thanks again !

Delphine G. (04.12.2017)


Well received the demeloir for my dog, it's not yet euphoria, but it's the best compared to a metal curry comb, would it be called professional. Bamboo thanks you.

Jeanine L. (04.12.2017)


High quality products! Grand Parisian and Grand Cape Horn combs that are suitable for the whole family. The cases are beautiful and protect the combs perfectly. The boar hair brush is perfect. The engraving is superb.
Fast delivery time.
Problem with a comb, and customer service was very responsive and sent me another one within a few days. THANKS!
I will recommend with complete confidence!

Coralie J. (01.12.2017)


Received the package today thank you it's exactly what I wanted and couldn't get.

Yvette B. (29.11.2017)


You can't imagine how happy our dogs are to be combed! It's awesome !

Michel B. (29.11.2017)


Good morning !
We received our first order! Extra!!! Thank you for your services.
See you soon ! Sincerely.

Joëlle and Philippe F. (11/23/2017)


Hello sir

I am really amazed at the speed of execution of an order. This is the first time that an order placed on Friday afternoon
has arrived on Monday morning. Again there was Sunday in the middle. Too bad the combs and brushes don't wear out. Thank you very much.

As for the articles, they correspond exactly to what I asked for.


Jacqueline D. (20.11.2017)


Good morning,

I have just received my package, the items ordered correspond completely to my expectations.
Thank you for the quality of your work.

Best regards

Marie-Françoise B. (06.11.2017)


Good morning,

I am writing to you following receipt of the personalized comb with engraving...because I am very happy and satisfied with your work! The choice you made of an almost all-white comb was much appreciated!
Thank you again for this magnificent work!


Benjamin L. (24.10.2017)


I wanted to thank you !! My grandpa got it in time!! Very pretty engraving!!

Angelina L. (03.10.2017)

Tell them. (28.09.2017)


I received my order that day and I am delighted, particularly with the engraved comb for the little one.
You chose it very well, thank you very much. I hope she enjoys this gift for her beautiful hair.


Céline M. (09.27.2017)

Bernieshoot. (19.09.2017)

Occitanie Tribune. (18.09.2017)


I wanted to thank you for this sublime choice of comb that you put in my order.....I'm a fan.
It's great....thanks again!!!
He is adopted!! I tried it this morning on wet hair

Laureen F. (08.09.2017)


Your combs deserve to be sold in luxury boutiques! The packaging is also beautiful.

Jeanine L. (24.08.2017)


Hello, I received the comb today, it is really magnificent, I love it! What a job!

Céline A. (02.08.2017)


I am delighted with my combs!
The afro comb is great for detangling long curly hair

Caroline L. (02.08.2017)


Delivery this morning. Perfect condition. THANKS.

Serge V. (28.07.2017)


Good evening,

I confirm that my order has been received: the assortment suits me perfectly.

Thanking you for your expertise.

Best regards,

Jean-Christophe M. (05.07.2017)


Good morning

I have just received your package and thank you;

The bristles of the brush perfectly match the needs of my hair. I don't regret having trusted you.


Agnès R. (05.07.2017)


I have received my order and thank you.
The combs appeal to me because of their aesthetic and are always of good quality. They are beautiful objects and their material is very pleasant to use.
Have a great day and good luck for the future.
Best regards,

Béatrice C. (15.06.2017)


, I wanted to congratulate you on the quality of the product received! Mixed comb with personalized engraving and leather case. the person receiving the gift was very happy.
Yours sincerely

Laurence A. (14.06.2017)


Hello, thank you for the cat comb.

It is of remarkable quality, I am always admiring the quality of your products and the variance of colors in each comb which gives it a unique touch that I appreciate. I was very happy to have seen you on TF1 the other day and to see that your small business is doing well. I like to work with small producers like you.

Best wishes. Sincerely,

Melanie LB. (30.05.2017)


Thank you for continuing this craft, which is very precious to me.

Daniel V. (12.05.2017)


Thank you for telling me about your adventures online. I find this fascinating and strongly encourage you. a shadow however: the quality of your productions is such that we do not change often... congratulations and good luck for the future

Marie-T C. (10.05.2017)


thank you for letting me know... I'm a fan of your combs, and I give them to those around me, it's an appreciated gift. well done and congratulations on the success of your business!

Marie-ND (10.05.2017)


Congratulations on your journey.
I'm still loyal to the horn comb!
See you soon.

Laurie B. (05/09/2017)


Good morning,

It is with pleasure that I receive your news from time to time.
I always use your comb which satisfies me with its size, its shape, its high quality, in short, I am attached to this beautiful object and regret not having the means to offer myself and those around me a comb from your rich range every year... (I still gave one to my daughter once)....

However, I really like horn objects. I like to wear jewelry and appreciate barrettes or buttons made of this material. I also inherited from a friend a horn shoe horn with a long bamboo handle.... and I fear that one day it will give in to my clumsiness and my haste with which I sometimes put on my ankle boots or shoes. untied lace-up shoes....

Here is the story of my daily life in contact with horn objects. Hoping to show you my strong encouragement and my admiration for your fine work as an artisan and entrepreneur.

Best regards

Alena C. (05/09/2017)


Congratulations on perpetuating French know-how, your spirit of initiative, your resistance to servitude and good wishes!

Françoise C. (05/09/2017)


Congratulations on your courage, entrepreneurship and success. We rejoice every time that French people, like you, invent, produce, manufacture, perpetuate and transmit French know-how.

CONGRATULATIONS and good luck for your continued development. I rave about your combs to all friends and family.

PS Each receiving a comb you made, my 6 granddaughters were a little surprised by their grandmother's Christmas gift but ultimately delighted when I showed them my horn comb received for my communion (60 years ago !) and which I still use even though it broke in two. I hope that they will think of me in…60 years and that they will still use your comb if they have not lost it or broken !

Marie-S L. (05/09/2017)


I appreciated the speed of sending the comb and the brush - beautiful objects used with pleasure and... respect!

Françoise B. (27.04.2017)


Hello Sir

I received everything yesterday and thank you for everything, it’s magnificent!

I even gave your catalog this morning to my hairdresser who was very happy to know what you were doing, especially for combs, brushes and barrettes.

Yours truly.

Jacqueline D. (21.04.2017)


I received your product yesterday and I am delighted with it! Thank you again for your speed,
Kind regards,

Justine B. (03.28.2017)


Hello, I received the comb which meets my expectations, quality and usefulness for curly hair. I communicate with those around me about your company with pleasure. Best regards.

Danielle M. (09.03.2017)


I received the beard comb and I find it superb as well as the engraving. I hope that its future owner will like it as much and that he and his beard will soon no longer be able to do without it. For my part, I could no longer do without my big Bamako and my hair, very curly, is more more beautiful and easier to detangle and with less and less product, shampoo aside. So horn combs which are good for the hair, it's not false advertising like we most often see, it really works, and what's more, they are beautiful...... What more can I say? !
See you soon for another order

Claudine B. (02/27/2017)


Good morning,

I received the comb in exchange for the one whose engraving did not satisfy me and I wanted to thank you because the engraving is perfect and the comb is magnificent!


Stéphanie G. (02/17/2017)


First of all, following the email sent to tell you that I had not received the tracking details for the package, I would like to thank you for your responsiveness and to express my satisfaction, the quality of your combs, they comply with my expectations.
Thank you
Best regards,

Marlene JB. (16.02.2017)


Madam, Sir
short message to thank you first of all for your responsiveness as well as your professionalism
I am fully satisfied with the receipt of the second package: ultra fast shipping
Impeccable products.

Christophe W. (10.02.2017)


Blog post:  Beauty Favorites 2016

Céline's blog (01/15/2017)


a little message to tell you that I am delighted with my purchase..!!!! To begin with, shipping is extremely fast (2 days!!). The package is neat and I love the package in which the comb is presented with all the good advice.....
To finish: WOW I saw the benefits immediately when combing my hair..!!!! Smooth, shiny, UN-BELIEVABLE...!!!!
In short, thank you very much, and I won't hesitate to make purchases again ;)

Julie M. (12.01.2017)


I'm so happy with my comb  @ThomasLiorac  ! I've had it for over a year and it hasn't moved :)! best buy 2016!

— DéborahOW (@deborahowtwit)  January 12, 2017



Happy New Year 2017 and thank you very much, both for the excellence of the work carried out and for the prompt delivery. The leather case is also very successful.

Claude S. (05.01.2017)



I wanted to thank you for following up on my order with the response you gave to my message. I also congratulate you on the speed of delivery which ensured that the combs arrived safely for Christmas. The requested engraving was nicely done and without any spelling mistakes on the first name, which my daughter did not fail to point out, who often sees her first name Réjane misspelled (and I admit that I had some fear on this point ). I am also happy with the color of the horn in which the combs were made. I therefore send you all my thanks.

Please accept my sincere greetings and allow me to wish you all the best for your business in the new year.

Anne-Lise C. (02.01.2017)


I just received some brushes, gifts from my son. Corresponds to what I asked for, very good product, Thank you, good luck

Michèle T. (27.12.2016)


I just received the combs. I don't know how to thank you for your understanding regarding the delivery problem I had the first time.
I will speak highly of your combs to those around me and will not hesitate to leave a more than favorable comment on your brand.
Wishing you a happy birthday,

Jean-Philippe D. (23.12.2016)


, thank you for sending within the expected deadlines as well as for this very beautiful work.
I wish you an excellent Christmas holiday!!

Brigitte M. (23.12.2016)


It is often a question of French know-how, for you it is not a hassle, and the rest
is up to par, from the information to the follow-up, the emails, well everything.
Many large or small companies should model themselves after you.
I will not fail to recommend you, and thank you for your magnificent service.

Jean-Louis D. (15.12.2016)


Thank you, I received the package, it’s perfect and how quickly.
Merry Christmas

Anne R. (14.12.2016)


Good evening,

A few important words to tell you that I am enthusiastic about your work and I have no doubt that all my children will be too on Christmas Day. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I find elegance and seriousness in your brushes housed in nicely chosen colorful packaging. It's very successful.

I also appreciated your responsiveness when placing my order: first on the phone then by email.

Happy Holidays to all

Annick AC. (10.12.2016)


Hello, the combs have arrived; they are magnificent and my children will be delighted.
Thank you, and happy new year.

Jacqueline B. (09.12.2016)


Hello, I have just received my order,
fast delivery and all the items are of very good quality.
thank you for your work

Christian B. (08.12.2016)


Hello, I wanted to congratulate you for the work you do on your combs and others, for the speed of delivery, I am really satisfied and very grateful for your work. THANKS

Franck M. (06.12.2016)


Your combs are of very high quality. Always impeccable quality. Very neat finish. I am very satisfied with all of your services.
Thank you very much for considering my request.

Joël P. (29.11.2016)


My order has arrived safely. Thank you for your speed. I am not sure that these combs, Christmas gifts for my 6 granddaughters, will be appreciated but I am happy to help your young company to perpetuate a tradition and French manufacturing. I am 73 years old and have used the same horn comb since my childhood, even if only half of it remains after more than 60 years of good and loyal service, and I dare to hope that it will be like this for my 6 ladies!

I wish you success in perpetuating and passing on this know-how. Good luck to you !


Marie-Solange L. (27.11.2016)


Good evening,

Received the order. Very beautiful  horn comb , a well-chosen gradient! The little cape horn will now join my handbag and the large cape horn my toiletry bag.

Good evening.

Solène R. (19.11.2016)



I have received my new comb. Thank you for your speed. I will not hesitate to recommend items to you.

Have a nice week end.

Ouafaa Y. (19.11.2016)


Good morning,

[...] As for the horn comb that I ordered last week, it's great!! THANKS

Best regards,

Graziella C. (19.11.2016)


Good morning,

I have received my order and thank you for the comb which I find very beautiful.

I wish you continued success in your activity;


Françoise C. (11.11.2016)


Good morning

I received the big Bamako in return and it is simply magnificent, a work of art just like the first, I will not fail to advertise it to those around me...
As you can see , am very happy with my acquisitions and what's more, it's a real treat to detangle my hair with these combs.

Looking forward to coming back to you for gifts.


Claudine B. (10.11.2016)

Hello, I received my comb today, it is very beautiful. THANKS.

Brigitte B. (07.11.2016)


Not found on the “plastics” market! The horn comb, so much better for hair health, is finally back!!

Thank you so and good luck in your profession.

Andrée R. (07.11.2016)


Hello, the Helsinki comb already ordered at the beginning of the year gave me complete satisfaction, unfortunately I lost it. I therefore recommend it.
Thank you for the quality of your products and good luck!

Rachel G. (02.11.2016)


Order received. Careful packaging! It's for gifting, so the cardboard pouch gives a very pretty presentation with the comb!! Very happy with this purchase, I can recommend without hesitation. Thank you.

Julien S. (23.10.2016)


Delighted that you have taken up the torch. Congratulations.

Marie-Thérèse C. (10/18/2016)


I have received my little pocket Parisian and I will never part with it!
I mainly use it to maintain my beard! The results are there. A well-groomed, well-maintained and softer beard.
Thank you very much for the quality of your work!
What I like to think about is knowing that I will probably still have it in a few years!
Beard Ambassador of a Beard Cosmetics Brand, I am happy to take this opportunity to let you know more on Instagram and other social networks! ;-)

Kevin C. (08.10.2016)


I have received my order, I thank you very sincerely for having taken my instructions into account.
Brushes and combs are very beautiful, they will delight my little girls.
Thank you once again, congratulations for your seriousness, I will not fail to advertise your beautiful products around me.

Gisèle B. (09.24.2016)


Blog article:  Thomas Liorac Combs

1 Love 2 Sisters (09.19.2016)


Hello sir madam,

I just received my order and I am delighted with it.


Anne C. (19.09.2016)


Good evening,
Our package was received yesterday, the 12th, for which we thank you. Everything is perfect.
Best regards,

Jeanne-Marie W. (13.09.2016)


I wanted to congratulate you on your combs, which are the best we can find. They are absolutely perfect for the hair, of breathtaking quality. I've been using the little cap horn for 2 years, it's superb.
I am ordering the Cambridge today in order to obtain perfectly straight hair... I have hair down to my buttocks and your combs are essential for their maintenance, to keep them in good health.
Thank you again and have a nice day ;-)

Ophélie D. (10.09.2016)


A little note to say thank you. I received my bar. What a joy for me to hold in my hands a real product, beautiful, precious, made in France.

Thank you for making them for our greatest pleasure. Thank you for the speed of delivery.

Hafida K. (08.09.2016)


Like my previous order I would like to receive this comb in the shade black gray thank you very much I am fully satisfied with your comb

Sarah M. (05.09.2016)


Delighted with the 2 products ordered. Which class !!. THANK YOU for perpetuating French CRAFTS. I will not fail to come back to you for other needs. Sincerely.

Elisabeth V. (26.08.2016)


I received my Thomas Liorac package yesterday, the products are beautiful and the packaging is careful. I am very happy with these acquisitions! They quickly arrived here despite my distance.
The comb is particularly pretty and effective. Day and night with my plastic combs when it comes to detangling and much less hair remains on the comb.
Do you also make hairbrushes? Is the boar hair brush  model  100% boar hair?
Thanks in advance,

Clémentine M. (24.08.2016)

Hello, Thank you for this word of encouragement. We are always delighted to receive positive feedback. This also helps us to always strive to improve our products and services.
We are only manufacturers of horn combs. The brushes are made in Germany by a supplier who is very scrupulous about only using natural bristles, therefore 100% boar bristles for the boar bristle models. If a customer finds nylon in it, we refund 2 times and believe me our supplier will hear about me. But this is very unlikely, as he himself has a very ecological brand image to maintain.


Thank you so much. I just received the order. That's great ! Very nice quality. Thank you for the light shade I asked for. I will call you soon for another order.

Josy B. (13.08.2016)


hello.I ordered two combs from you, one large and one small for the handbag.Perfect finish.I only use this and since then my hair has regained its natural wave!!!I am delighted!!I attributes it to the material. It's simply brilliant!!! THANK YOU

Isabelle R. (05.08.2016)


Fast delivery
I was waiting with apprehension for my comb because despite the positive reviews, there were rare negative reviews but upon receipt I noticed that the quality is exceptional
Perfect and pretty horn comb
I highly recommend this serious company
Thank youiiiiii

Christelle V. (15.07.2016)


Thank you, I am very satisfied, my first two orders very good and beautiful product, and the well done on the hair and the  beard comb  really great.

Benjamin P. (06/21/2016)


comb well received, the quality is incomparable compared to other horn combs from other manufacturers. It's perfect, and what's more it matches the choice of colors I requested: magnificent and my hair is delighted and so am I!

Eve R. (31.05.2016)


The combs have arrived and are very beautiful. My grandchildren will be Happy!
Kind regards.

Jacqueline B. (26.05.2016)


Good evening

Just a quick note to say that I received your postal package, Comb and Shampoo, all great, thank you very much.

Good to you. Sincerely

Gerard G. (04.05.2016)



I received the combs today and they are absolutely beautiful, jewels. This is why I realize the importance of a case to protect them. Does the 10 year warranty apply even when the order is separated?

Solène R. (04.05.2016)

Hello, thank you for your message. Yes, the extended 10-year warranty applies even if the case was purchased separately.  Sincerely .


Blog article:  How to properly detangle curly hair: Tek, Combrush, Thomas Loriac

my 7 hair sins (04.28.2016)


Very serious trader. Fast and careful shipping. Very responsive after-sales service. I can only advise you to order from them.

Michael B. (04/23/2016)


Hello, my comb has arrived safely. I am won over, it has no faults. Thank you for this impeccable service. It arrived very quickly. Yours sincerely

Leslie F. (04/15/2016)


I received my engraved comb. Magnificent result. Nothing to do with a classic comb. The price is completely justified

Pierre LB. (14.04.2016)


Hello, I received the brush yesterday, I wanted to thank you, I am very satisfied with the product. THANKS. Sincerely

Lucie C. (11.04.2016)


Hello, I have received my order and I am satisfied and delighted with the work on the combs Timbuktu is great Bamako, however the beard comb that I really like with personalized engraving, in several places striations, scratches it would have been necessary to polish a little more to give a very smooth and shiny appearance.

Narimane L. (29.03.2016)


I wanted to thank you for quickly sending my order.
The combs (Tananarive and Timbuktu) arrived today and what can I say. .. They are magnificent !!! And what a pleasure to run them through your hair!!! THANKS !

Isabelle C. (03.23.2016)


Thank you for the speed of your delivery regarding the comb that I ordered, it is magnificent and nicely engraved. I will recommend your site to those around me.

Pascale R. (17.03.2016)


Hello to the entire Thomas Liorac team,

I recently ordered horn combs from your site and I am delighted with them!

My order arrived very quickly, and the products corresponded perfectly to what I hoped for. The workmanship is of quality and they are very pleasant to use. They perfectly combine aesthetics and handling, and the engravings that I chose were very well done. Thank you for these beautiful products!

Sabrina M. (10.03.2016)


I inform you that I received the BAMAKO horn comb yesterday. I thank you very much for your diligence. The comb is very beautiful and very pleasant to use. [...] the GRAND BAMAKO horn comb is great, I have little and very fine hair when I do my hair with it I find a little volume and fluffiness, it's an excellent "tool". I will not recommend another one to you.

Very respectfully and cordially.

Christophe H. (09.03.2016)


Magic ! It smoothes me, gives shape and shine to my hair, I will recommend it to you for life, thank you for existing

Sarah M. (03/08/2016)


My order arrived today and I am delighted with it! Fast delivery and excellent product, plus I think the little cardboard case is really pretty with all these little multi-colored combs. THANKS !

Pauline C. (27.02.2016)


Thank you very much, it’s perfect; the product works very well! I will not hesitate, on the occasion of a gift, to come back to you!

Jean-Daniel M. (02/23/2016)


Good evening. A big thank you for your professionalism, THAT’S after-sales service!!!!!.
With its very contrasting colors, I find the comb that I just found in the envelope even more beautiful than the first one. Just a little problem with the engraving: [---] instead of [---] as I had corrected; but I just sent the photo to my daughter who is a student on [---], and she was still delighted. Thank you again and congratulations for your work, we will not fail to advertise you in our relations. Should we return the first comb to you? To read you, Cordial greetings.

Christine B. (02.02.2016)


This is the second time I have ordered an item from you and I am still surprised by the speed with which you process orders even if we pay by check. The hair stick is light so very pleasant to carry and the pocket Cap Horn is ideal for my daughter who never stops doing her hair. A gift she will use and keep for a long time. THANKS

Sylvie D. (30.01.2016)


A word to congratulate you on the quality of work and the product + elegant presentation of the packaging + speed of production and sending + ergonomics of your site + seriousness of order tracking... + a soft spot for you who are in Ariège!
It’s really perfect, thank you!

Christelle D. (28.01.2016)

 Hello/Good evening to you...!!
Just a little message to thank you for the fast, careful delivery, and to tell you that I am completely satisfied with my comb. Having discovered your products via videos from a young lady, I apparently did well to follow the advice and I really appreciate it. I will take care of it...! I recommend your products! so much more natural!
Good evening to you! Sincerely,

Baptiste V. (28.01.2016)


Hello, I have just received my order as I expected. Perfect packaging. Sincerely

Jean-Paul G. (14.01.2016)


I received an engraved mixed comb for Christmas. Absolutely superb! Thanks for what you do,

Philippe S. (04.01.2016)


Hello, I received the horn comb. He is magnificent! Thank you so much. I am very happy with this purchase.

Long live your know-how and business. Happy Holidays. Best regards,

Barbara M. (22.12.2015)


I received my package this morning and thank you. It was very quick. Everything is superb and I am very happy. I think you will like this Christmas present. Good day.

Jeannine M. (12.12.2015)


I received my Grand Parisien comb with Engraving and Case, it is magnificent! I was like a big kid in front of his...

Posted by  Shirley Gwn  on  Wednesday December 2, 2015


 Thank you to the blog “Les pieds de Mini” which introduced me to your brand and the benefits of boar hair and horn. And a friendly hug to Madame who does the combs! ;-)

Vanina G. (28.11.2015)


Congratulations ! I've been looking for this for years! Sincerely.

Martine Q. (26.11.2015)


I received my order and thank you. I am very happy with what I received.

Marcelle P. (21.11.2015)


Hello, I am happy to see you starting to market the Codina cosmetics brand which is a very good organic brand for hair care.
I can't wait for the full range of shampoos to be available. My partner tested my horn comb and was delighted with it, which is why I recently ordered the little Prague for his Christmas present in order to avoid conflict in the bathroom over getting the comb.
Good luck and looking forward to placing new orders
. Kind regards,

Miss L. (11/19/2015)


hello, I received the Tananarive comb yesterday. It is very beautiful especially with my first name engraved on it plus the red case that I chose. really great. Kudos to everyone who makes your combs that make great shiny hair. I only use your combs.
Have a good day.

Francine C. (11/18/2015)


Hello, I have just received this wonderful comb that you made for me. I couldn't resist the pleasure of running it through my fine, white hair, getting finer and finer, but it's a real caress. Congratulations on your work and also for this case which is worthy of the comb it contains. See you soon maybe. THANKS.

Nicole B. (14.11.2015)


The combs are beautiful. Beautiful horn combs, personalized with their case and it has a 10 year guarantee so that's great. They do hair really well. Thank you so much.

Françoise T. (13.11.2015)


Received my beard comb today, sublime!

Posted by  Cyrille Tillier  on  Tuesday November 10, 2015



Dear sir, the package arrived today! My wife is extremely satisfied with her brush as well as the one for our baby. The best brush she's ever had! And the softness of the baby brush is incredible, and has finally managed to bring order to our little girl's wild ears. :) Thanks again and have a nice day!

Pierre M. (30.10.2015)


I have received the Petit Cap Horn comb which is of very good quality. I'm delighted, this comb is truly caring. He doesn't leave me anymore. The personalization is really beautiful.
Keep it up!!

Ophélie M. (26.10.2015)


Very good quality, very serious, I highly recommend it, I am delighted.

Nathalie D. (13.10.2015)


Blog article: Horn comb: Top or flop?
Organic beauty blog (09.10.2015)


I wanted to congratulate you on your work.
The shipping was lightning, in 3 days I received my comb (the little cap horn). I couldn't resist testing it at work.
It's perfect, it fits well in the hand, doesn't break any hair and detangles it perfectly. It's really beautiful, it's a little gem.
I'm already looking for my next orders!

Sophie G. (01.10.2015)


Hello, I have received my order for two combs and two leather pouches. After a small incident on one of the combs which was quickly rectified, I can say that I am satisfied with the work well done, the quality of the products and the after-sales service of the brand. A site that I would recommend!

Sophie A. (09/23/2015)


I would like to thank you for the quality of your products. I have been using them for a week (comb and brush) and I feel like I have my hair back. They are much softer, fewer knots and above all less shedding. Thank you so much. I just regret not knowing about it before. Good evening.

Melanie LB. (17.09.2015)


I just received my horn comb  @ThomasLiorac , it's witchcraft as it detangles well and the object is

— Poulpi (@Palomalice)  August 28, 2015



hello, I received the two combs today they are very beautiful. I thank you for the work accomplished, the people who make them are artists because they are made with precision. I give you 5 stars. I wish you a good day.

Francine C. (25.08.2015)


Thank you very much for this fast delivery. The comb is very pretty!

Barbara C. (19.08.2015)



Not only do you make superb quality combs, but your pins are also great, and comfortable too! Thank you and good luck. ;)

Posted by  Charlaine Epinal  on  Tuesday August 18, 2015



Well received. The comb is splendid. What a joy to touch a traditional French object every day, it's good for your morale!

Garance D. (04.08.2015)


After months of using my comb I can say that I am 100% satisfied.

Joe P. (04.08.2015)


Got them, they look really great!

Luke FGB (30.06.2015)


Press article: The essentials of a men's toiletry bag

Men's Aesthetics (06.20.2015)


Very satisfied with my first order.

Renée W. Nord-Pas de  Calais  (18.06.2015)


I received my comb a few days ago. I am very satisfied with it! Thank you very much for your good work.

Etienne C. Canada (11.06.2015)


Blog article: Le Petit Parisien by Thomas Liorac
Bioty Passion (06.07.2015)


Hello to you. I have just received my order and thank you. I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your products, including its design. Congratulations again and thank you.

Jacques Q. Ile de France (01.06.2015)


Hello, after several searches on the Web I found your internet. Wow, in the photo, your combs are the best I have found! Now according to your photos, I find your dark combs much more beautiful. Thank you very much and congratulations on your works of art!!

Etienne C. Canad a  (30.05.2015)


2 Blog posts:


The blog of a gobelalune (05.28.2015)


Good morning. [...] The dedication you have to satisfying your customer and the respect you have for them are very appreciable. These behaviors have unfortunately become exceptional.

I am also surprised to receive my order so quickly. [...]

I very quickly looked over (due to lack of time) the information concerning your company on your site and must tell you that it corresponds in every way to reality. [...] I support and share the values ​​that you courageously defend. You are exactly the style of business I am looking for. The kleint is not a number but a person, and it can be addressed not to a "formatted robot" but to a human being, who considers it. [...]

I wish your great company a long life.

Angélique N. Champagne-Ardennes (22.05.2015)


A big thank you to your entire team for the speed of sending the product and above all the quality!!! I love your brush, it's adopted!!

Helene G. Lorraine (15.05.2015)


I waited a little while to use it before leaving a review. I would like to salute the quality work of this company and its seriousness. Wooden brush and horn comb received within the week following my order, impeccable quality of the products, superb finishes. And they take wonderful care of my hair! I highly recommend!

Melanie G. Lorraine (29.04.2015)


Received the order. Satisfied with the products and the quality of the combs. best regard

Marc D.  Center  (04.24.2015)


Thank you for your efficiency and your courtesy, as well as for the general quality of your services! The comb is light and very soft, it rids my hair of static electricity as well as knots, and the colors meet my needs perfectly. It’s really a beautiful object that’s very pleasant to use!

Chloe P.  Ile-de-France  (04/07/2015)


Press article:  The horn combs of Marguerite and Grégoire

The Midday Dispatch (03.28.2015)


I finally got the horn comb, and I have to say, that this is probably the highest quality made grooming product I have ever used. Thank you for selling it to me. Please kiss those hands who made this comb for me!

Mihir P. United States (10.03.2015)


I have received my parcel. It's a beautiful and well constructed comb that I do not doubt will last me many years. Thank you.

Geoffrey G. United States (09.03.2015)


I received the comb and I am very satisfied with it. Thank you very much for your response. Beautiful Sunday,

Claire G. Ile-de-France (01.03.2015)


Hello, I have received my order and I am very satisfied with it. Thank you for the quality of the product which justifies the price, as well as for responding quickly to my requests. The horn comb matches my hair perfectly!!!
The idea of ​​personalized engraving is great, great idea for gifts as well (too bad the price is a little high for me for the engraving), however, I won't hesitate to place an order again.
I wish you good luck in your work.

Gulsah D.  Rhône-Alpes  (19.02.2015)


The delivery was very fast and I am delighted with the comb. Sincerely

Lucie L.  Ile-de-France  (21.01.2015)


I received the ordered comb today. It completely meets my expectations and needs. Thank you for the speed with which you processed my request. Yours truly.

Christine C.  Ile-de-France  (01/21/2015)


Hello, I discovered your site through a friend, and I must say that I am very appreciative of your work, very beautiful design, beautiful finishes...

KT (03.01.2015)


Order well received. Thank you for your efficiency and the quality of your articles. Sincerely

Laurence R. PACA (11/19/2014)


Received today. Delighted, good luck!!!

Cindy R. Alsace (02.10.2014)


I sincerely hope that you will be able to continue your activity, and that your supplier will be able to produce these combs and brushes again. I bought a comb for myself and a brush for my partner now... a year ago, I think, and I am very satisfied with their qualities. Thanks for that.

Céline G. (30.06.2014)

Hello Celine. Thank you for your support. We expect to have our issues resolved by the end of August. Sincerely.


I just found the order in my mailbox this afternoon. [...] I therefore take this opportunity to tell you that the comb is very pretty and above all that it appears to be of very good quality; I therefore wish you great sales to come and to be able to restock accordingly. In any case I will not hesitate to come back to you and recommend your site. Best regards,

Ghislaine D. - Languedoc-Roussillon (10.02.2014 )


I wanted to thank you for sending your order very quickly just before Christmas.
The comb you chose according to my wish is beautiful. I wish you a happy new year 2014. Kind regards

Sylvie K. - Alsace (06.01.2014 )


Order received in just 48 hours, well done, true to my request, I just regret not having had it engraved, fearing that the engraving would not stand out on the black, error on my part. Thank you for the little personalized note... I highly recommend this site for its seriousness and its pretty products.

Corinne D. - Brittany (04.12.2013 )


I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the quality of your services. Well-designed and very clear website, delivery of my order extremely fast, quality product at a reasonable price and in line with my expectations. Not to mention that my somewhat special request was taken into account with the greatest care and that you responded to it with great attention (thanks for the handwritten message on the invoice!). Continue on this path, it’s really appreciated!

Anaïs C. - Rhône-Alpes (30.11.2013 )


I have just received the lice comb that I ordered on the 22nd; I was impatient to receive it; this is an excellent article; I thought he was missing. Congratulations; I will order other items; promised

Claude L. - Ile-de-France (28.11.2013 )


I recently placed an order for an exceptional personalized cap horn. Already won over by the use of horn combs, I am very satisfied with the model received.

Lina T. - Nord-Pas-de-Calais (09.09.2013 )


Your combs arrived this evening. They are fantastic! Great quality and just what I was looking for.

Robert W. - USA (29.08.2013 )


I've heard nothing but good things about your products so I decided to treat myself to one for my birthday. I appreciate your concept and hope you go far!

Elise V. - Pays-de-la-Loire (27.08.2013 )


I have just received my package and I am happy. Thank you for the speed of sending and for the care. Sincerely.

Ani. N. - Belgium (21.08.2013 )


I thank you in advance and congratulate you on the excellence of your products. Since I have been using Grand Parisien (for 1 year) + brewer's yeast, my hair is no longer recognizable: thick, shiny, straightened, it's extraordinary. I have seen products from other brands on the market, none of them have the quality of your products. The small bag comb that I bought from another brand broke after a few months.... I sincerely wish you a long adventure while respecting your values! Kind regards

Claire S. - Ile-de-France (28.05.2013 )


I received my package and your little note :) It's true that I would have appreciated it being the same color as the pendants but, I understood thanks to your explanation that it was not possible. There is no problem :) I thank you for everything... and especially for taking the trouble to write it by hand :) I wish you a good evening. Sincerely.

Djamila D. - Ile-de-France (21.05.2013)


My package arrived today. Thank you for your little note and for matching the two combs, they are magnificent. I think I will be very happy with my purchase.

Amandine S. - Belgium (04/18/2013)


I would like to say thank you for the beautiful comb. she arrived this morning. She is very beautiful and very well made. The color is just what I wanted. Best regards,

Frances GW - United Kingdom (03.04.2013)


I have received my Bamako comb and thank you very much for the attention you paid to my request. The comb isn't as light as I wanted though... The one you chose for me is even more beautiful and I really like it!  

Shaïneze C. - Belgium (03.26.2013)


Order placed on Saturday and received today Tuesday!!! Super fast service and what can I say about the comb I chose??? I love it! French manufacturing, inexpensive for the quality, I highly recommend this site. Bravo to Loriac and his staff!!! I am won over. 

Valérie L. - Poitou-Charentes (12.03.2013)


The delivery was very fast! the engraving work is well done and the color of the comb is well highlighted!! I'm delighted, thank you again!!!

Jocelyne L. - North (03.09.2013)


Blog article: The horn comb: a precious ally.
Mini's hair (01.03.2013)


Hello, I received your classic pack product. Just to inform you of my great satisfaction with the product and the speed of shipping. Sincerely.

Said-Philippe A. - Aquitaine (28.02.2013)


I received your comb this morning. I have noted your advice for use and thank you for your commercial gesture. The products are exceptional and so are the managers. Very cordially.

Philippe P. - Poitou-Charentes (26.01.2013)


Great for French, natural and eco-friendly manufacturing (our selection criteria), the ideal would be to have horns of French or at least European origin (targeting farms that do not mutilate the horns of course).
The combs are really good quality and beautiful, the gift packaging and delivery impeccable. Very good idea for exceptional combs. Keep going !

Emmanuel G. - Ile-de-France (21.01.2013)


I am thinking of offering combs in the future, with engraved first names. It's an original gift idea because it's a quality, everyday, feminine object. Continue to make French, with such a finish. I will order an African comb soon. Good luck to you all! ;-)

Joy O. - PACA (20.01.2013)


Keep going, it’s great! I lack arguments to convince my family to buy some; if you could prepare a nice mailing with some arguments (interest in hair, Ariège manufacturing, etc...) I could send them an email directly telling them that I like your products, and so if they are interested: they visit your site

Anne M. - Midi-Pyrénées (19.01.2013)


Thank you for these beautiful quality combs. Sincerely,

Lydia P. - Center (01/18/2013)


I am extremely satisfied with your products. I would like to point out to you that although I knew about horn combs thanks to a stay in Ariège, I especially remembered them with one of your little leaflets, an initiative that I found excellent.

Fanny P. - Normandy (17.01.2013)


In fact, I didn't buy a comb but some knife holders. I found them by doing a Google image search. They immediately caught my eye with their design and originality. I was not disappointed when I received them. It was for a gift which we really liked. Sincerely

Monique L. - Ile-de-France (17.01.2013)


Very nice finish. I would be tempted by an exceptional comb...

Marie-Christine B. - PACA (17.01.2013)


I received the comb ordered and I am very happy with it. Best regard.

Jacqueline B. - Burgundy (01/09/2013)


I received my order very quickly and I am really delighted with the comb. 

Marie-Claude B. - PACA (20.12.2012)


My mom came to my house and took my carbon comb. It's a professional comb which is very good, but it's not worth a horn comb!

So I went looking for one in the department stores, but I found them very expensive, and the finishes were terrible. It snags your hair because it's poorly finished.

That's why I went online and came across you.

Agnès K. - Ile-de-France (10.12.2012)


Thank you very much for your understanding and responsiveness.

Nicolas D. - Ile-de-France (09.12.2012)


As I wrote to you in October, the  Cheveu du Soi hair salon  which takes care of my hair and that of my husband was very interested in your products. This is a hair salon focused on natural products and techniques. the creator of this salon cut our hair several times using my own combs which allowed her to try them. I gave her your contact details because she was very interested. and I am very happy today to learn that she will distribute your products in her salon.

Isabelle M. - Ile-de-France (07.12.2012)


Blog post:  Combs full of love from the mountains

My Organic Cocoon (26.11.2012)


I thank you and congratulate you for your quality of service and your kindness. I appreciate the quality of the comb I received. Best regards

Joachim E. - Languedoc-Roussillon (08.11.2012)


Thank you for the efficiency and professionalism you have demonstrated. You responded favorably and practically within a minute! 

Maxime C. - Midi-Pyrénées (28.10.2012)


I love your combs which I also recommended to my hairdresser who was also excited to contact you to order some.

Isabelle M. - Ile-de-France (03.10.2012)


Thank you. I received the product today which arrived in good condition. I have used it successfully and am very happy with its performance. Yours gratefully,

Lye Lin H. - Australia (30.09.2012)


I wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the comb and the engraving. Thank you so much... 

I saw a comb (for curly hair and made in France) that a friend bought on another site and your combs are frankly of better quality: better finish, perfect polishing at the base of each tooth, no cracks. The handle is not too short. So we have a good grip. Nothing worse than a handle that is too short, 4 cm wide...

You are certainly a little more expensive than others but I know why...

Rania K. - Midi-Pyrénées (07.09.2012)


Finally ! I'm going to have a real comb! For several years I have been looking for a real comb. The ones I find in plastic or something else are horrible!

Yvette I. - Rhône-Alpes (01.09.2012)


Thank you for the quick delivery of the products. The combs are of excellent quality, so pretty that they could have appeared in your exceptional combs, I am delighted. 

Camille E. - Languedoc-Roussillon (08/31/2012)


I am very happy to know your products. My hair is long, fine, not very abundant, and I put it up in a bun. I really like the horn combs, which are soft and pleasant.

Evelyne S. - North (08.27.2012)


I received my order yesterday and I am very very satisfied with the combs. Good evening.

Andrée Line L. - Martinique (18.07.2012)


We have just received our combs and thank you for your diligence, as well as for choosing the shade that suits us perfectly.

Muriel D. - North (07.17.2012)


Good luck and congratulations for what you do!

Camille B. - Pays de la Loire  (14.07.2012)


Thank you for making made in France.

Rudy S. - Picardy  (11.07.2012)


I appreciated that you called me to check the spelling on my custom engraving!
I bought two combs as gifts, but I absolutely need one for myself now :) 

Galicia P. - Center  (11.07.2012)


I previously ordered 2 combs from you (1 afro comb and 1 pocket comb). For my part, I find that the  pocket comb  has very sharp teeth which scratch the scalp. Despite everything, I am very satisfied with your products and that is why I have just placed a second order.

Laurent F. - Ile de France  (11.07.2012)


Bravo for the speed of delivery and the quality of the products. We no longer find horn combs in supermarkets. Good luck and lots of courage for the future.

Aimé V. - Poitou-Charentes (10.07.2012)


I confirm that the horn comb prevents electric hair, it's nice.

Christine B. - Ile de France (10.07.2012)


Thank you for the quality of your combs, good luck!

Clémence L. - Rhône-Alpes (10.07.2012)


Very satisfied with my purchase, a horn comb with personalized engraving given as a gift to my mother. Also very satisfied with the very personalized, fast, responsive and efficient "customer service" even at 9:30 p.m., the time I placed my order! I even received photos of the engraving of my comb by email before it was sent. Thank you so much!

Elodie R. - Midi-Pyrénées (10.07.2012)


I'm really happy to have found this famous comb.... My grandmother did our hair with this type of comb when we were little.... I started looking for these combs...... because my hair is very fragile, and there you go!
I really talk about you to those around me.....and the best part is being able to personalize your combs, and the delivery is super fast so thank you, you are in my favorites.
Best wishes

Sandrine B. -  Ile de France  (10.07.2012)


A big thank you for this very beautiful quality comb with which I am completely satisfied! I will not fail to recommend your site.

Vanessa C. -  Rhône-Alpes  (10.07.2012)


Although the quality of your combs is indisputable, I find it tricky to give a comb as a gift. That said, the idea of ​​the personalized comb is very original.

Nathalie N. - Ile de France  (10.07.2012)


I noticed that since I started using a horn comb, my hair becomes greasy a lot less quickly.

Sandrine C. - Midi-Pyrénées (25.06.2012)


I received my comb today and I wanted to thank you for your speed. I am so delighted with my order placed with Liorac, no doubt about the quality of the product which is beautiful! Best wishes !

Elodie K. - PACA (02.06.2012)

This year I found the ideal gift for Mother's Day at Loirac! I wonder why I never thought of that before!

Posted by  Stéphanie Mg  on  Thursday May 31, 2012


Blog article:  Discovering Horn Combs (30.05.2012)


I found the ideal Mother's Day gift for her long curly hair, the BAMAKO afro comb. Horn combs do not cause static electricity without the hair and prevent breakage.

Posted by  Ceridwen Breizh  on  Wednesday May 23, 2012


Thank you for the speed in sending my order. I am impressed by the quality and beauty of your products.

Amandine R. - PACA (07.05.2012)


Childhood memories of my grandparents, I am happy to find these precious objects in my turn.

Christine B. -  Ile-de-France  (04.05.2012)


I bought a comb last week on your website as a gift. My gift caused a sensation, my mother was delighted by the object, the personalization and the fact that “it was local”! I plan to order another one from you at the beginning of June for a new birthday. 

Elodie CB - Midi-Pyrénées (25.04.2012)


Blog article:  Pretty “Marie-Neige” comb (01.04.2012)


Finally I found some horn combs! Thank you for keeping this knowledge.

Mireille G. - Ile-de-France (27.01.2012)


Blog article:  Focus on horn combs for perfect detangling! (03.22.2012)


I have received the 2 orders placed on your site, we are very satisfied with the service and the quality of the products; With our thanks.

Denis A. -  Ile-de-France  (19.03.2012)


Blog article:  Liorac horn combs (19.02.2012)


Your shipment concerning my order [...] reached me yesterday. I thank you all the more since your products are really very aesthetic; I have been looking for items of this quality for a long time.

Louis R. -  Brittany  (01/08/2012)


Choosing a  comb with your own specific photo  is a luxury! Great idea! Bravo for your work.

Franck G. -  Ile de France  (01/07/2012)


Well done. Continue to produce in France, that’s very good. You are courageous ! Let's defend products made in France.

Muriel B. -  Rhône-Alpes  (26.12.2011)


We received our combs yesterday December 24th for an order on the 22nd and shipping on the 23rd!!! They are very beautiful!!! Well done and thank you.

Jacques D. -  Ile-de-France  (25.12.2011)

Very good product, faster delivery than promised on the website, the engraving is a very good gift idea.

Florian P. - Nord - Pas de Calais  (22.12.2011)


I am very happy with my combs, especially since in dry weather my hair is very electric and since then it no longer flies in all directions, thank you! I think it's a good gift idea and I'll think about it if necessary! And occasionally I won't hesitate to talk about it to those around me! 

Mireille S. - Languedoc Roussillon  (21.12.2011)


Article: Ariège infographic

Matthieu L computer graphic designer (09.10.2011)


The site is stylish, elegant without fuss, and particularly easy to use. We feel confident. Delivery is super efficient.

Rémi V. - Luxembourg  (14.12.2011)


I would like to thank you for the speed of your delivery as well as for the object which lived up to my expectations since it delighted the person to whom I gave it. The comb is very pretty as well as the engraving.

Aurélie C. -  Ile-de-France (11.12.2011)


I like the simplicity of the models offered. I was looking for a small model that would be easy to transport. Personalized engraving gave me an idea for a Christmas gift. The comb has much more especially its unique side is autographed.

Julie M. -  Ile-de-France (13.12.2011)


 Very satisfied with my purchase, beautiful product and what made the difference compared to the competition was the very reasonable shipping price.

Sophie B. - Auvergne (05.12.2011)


I got attached to the comb that was given to me, and it's true, I can no longer buy one that isn't made of horn.

Lucie N. - Ile-de-France (10.11.2011)


Bravo for the quality of the comb and the speed of shipping.

Martine B. - Midi-Pyrénées (25.10.2011)


I was lucky enough to be able to test a comb. The product is of very good quality. The shape of the comb was not suitable for my daughter who has very frizzy hair, but by visiting the site, I found what I needed!

Christine MD - Brittany (12.07.2011)