Choosing the best hair comb. What is a keratin hair comb?

A keratin hair comb is a type of comb used to straighten and protect hair. Its teeth are made from a material called keratin, which is the same material that makes up your nails and hair. The teeth are designed to glide over your hair, smoothing it and eliminating tangles and curls. If your hair is damaged, it can help reduce breakage by preventing new split ends from forming.

The strengths of a keratin comb

The keratin comb is an age-old tool used to style and care for hair. Its keratin structure gives it perfect neutrality. It eliminates static electricity built up in your hair, allowing you to style it easily. This type of comb also glides over your hair more gently than plastic combs, helping to keep it healthy.

You should know that the teeth are softened at their ends. This design helps catch any tangles and remove them without tearing them out. As such, when purchasing your comb, make sure that the spacing between each tooth is correct in order to avoid any snagging when combing your hair.

The benefits of a keratin comb

A keratin comb is an essential tool for any professional stylist, and it can also be a great way to help you maintain your own hair at home. Here are some of the benefits of using a keratin comb:

- It helps reduce breakage and split ends by gently pulling on each strand of hair instead of pulling it out. This helps maintain healthy hair growth and reduces frizz over time.

- It provides additional protection against heat damage when used before drying or flat ironing, reducing the risk of damaging your hair during styling.

- It is suitable for all hair types, whether curly or straight, thick or thin, colored or natural.

- It can be used on dry or wet hair without damaging it, meaning you can use it after getting out of the shower. It is best to avoid using it in the shower.

- It eliminates knots and tangles that can damage the hair cuticle.

- It is ideal for detangling your hair (especially if it is long), as the keratin helps to smooth the strands and prevent them from tangling again.

- If you have fine hair, this type of comb is a good option to make your hair look more voluminous by encouraging it to fan out instead of being weighed down by product buildup or frizz from humidity.

- It helps manage frizz. In fact, many people say they have noticed a reduction in frizz when using this type of comb.

- It is also able to distribute natural oils throughout your hair, keeping it soft and shiny.