A boar hair brush to enhance your hair

The boar hair brush has long been known for its many virtues. This is why it is often recommended by hairdressing professionals. In fact, it offers you gentle brushing for healthy, shiny hair. In addition, its composition based on natural materials makes it an ecological beauty ally that you can keep for many years.

What are the advantages of a boar hair brush?

We can no longer count the benefits of the boar hair brush for your hair. Using it daily allows you to obtain:

- shiny hair

- a healthy scalp

- a reduction in static electricity

- more volume

To have healthy, shiny hair, sebum must be evenly distributed across the hair fiber. Indeed, the role of sebum is to protect the hair from attacks. However, when it is in excess, it can make your hair greasy and heavy. To avoid this, use a boar bristle brush to gently brush your hair and distribute the sebum from root to tip. You thus obtain nourished and shiny hair. Likewise, boar bristles help stimulate blood circulation for a perfectly healthy scalp and beautiful, stronger hair. Finally, unlike the nylon bristles found on synthetic brushes, boar bristles are made of keratin, just like human hair, which helps to respect the scalp and reduce static electricity. for hair with more volume.

Which brush to choose?

The boar bristle brush is the most suitable, whatever your hair type, whether you have fine, thick, straight or curly hair. Indeed, its natural composition allows you to brush your hair gently, while stimulating blood circulation and respecting your scalp. If you have fine hair, the boar brush is particularly recommended, because it helps both reduce static electricity and distribute sebum throughout the hair, which has the effect of increasing the volume of your hair. hair.

As for the different models of brushes, there are several depending on your needs. The oval or flat brush is ideal in your bathroom for daily use. On the other hand, if you want to straighten your hair or blow-dry it, it is advisable, in this case, to use the round brush. Finally, to adjust your hairstyle at any time, opt for a pocket-sized boar hair brush that you can take with you everywhere.

The boar hair brush: an ecological beauty accessory

Using a boar bristle brush is much better for your hair, as well as the environment. Indeed, the brush is designed with quality natural materials for gentle brushing and much greater longevity than a plastic brush.

Thomas Liorac offers you brushes designed in Germany and France, with 100% natural wild boar bristles from farms and beech and olive wood from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to the very good quality of the materials used, the boar hair brush is a beauty accessory that will accompany you throughout the years. Its maintenance is easy, just clean it regularly with a mild soap or natural shampoo.