Boar bristle brush

Boar bristle hairbrushes are of superior quality and guarantee shiny, healthy hair. In fact, wild boar hair is made up of the same keratin as our hair: it therefore does not attack it. Used since the Middle Ages, boar hair has only faced competition from nylon since the last century. However, it still remains a reference material due to its high quality and durability. Sometimes a person keeps the same boar bristle brush for their entire life. It is particularly recommended for fine to medium thick hair.

What are the advantages of a boar hair brush?

Boar bristles allow gentle and effective sweeping of the hair and thus effectively distribute sebum, reducing its quantity at the roots to allow it to nourish the ends. This will make your hair less greasy, less brittle and shinier.

Another advantage of keratin over nylon is that it reduces static electricity. Thanks to this, the hair or beard is easier to brush because it is more disciplined.

Maintaining your boar hair brush

As you use your brush, waste will accumulate between its bristles, which can cause problems for keeping your hair clean when brushing, but also for the longevity of your brush. Among the waste that will accumulate, we can find dust, dead hair, dead skin, dandruff, sebum and bacteria. This is why it will be essential to clean it well, thoroughly. Indeed, waste increases the risk of clogging hair follicles, which can greatly disrupt hair growth and degrade the nutrition and hydration of sebum.

You can easily remove hair caught in the brush by hand. For smaller waste, it is recommended to use a miniature brush, or to rub two brushes together. Once this is done, you can clean your brush using baking soda or a mild shampoo, then dry it gently with a soft cloth. To finish drying, you will just have to leave it in the open air, taking care to direct the boar bristles downwards. If you clean your brush once a week and store it away from dust, you guarantee a long lifespan and improve the health of your hair or beard.

How to use a boar hair brush?

To obtain beautiful hair without cosmetics, start by brushing your hair carefully to remove impurities and distribute sebum. This gesture helps prepare the hair for combing, but tends to flatten the hair, thus reducing its natural volume.

Then, detangle the hair, air it out and massage the scalp with the horn comb to eliminate static electricity, but also excess sebum if necessary or to rebalance dry hair and restore volume to your hair. without attacking them, to perform any type of hairstyle without damaging them.

The use of these two instruments also allows you to space out shampoos, which is good for the environment (less wasted water, less detergent products dispersed in nature, less energy to heat the water) and your wallet (water, electricity bills and cost of cosmetics).