Soft brush

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Soft brush
  • Soft brush
  • Soft brush

Soft brush

Save 10%

This soft bristle brush is suitable for children and for those seeking a softer brush than the traditional brush boar bristles.

Pear wood handle. Trim domestic pig.

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Custom engraving +€8.25

Custom engraving

We customize your combs or brushes. This is a very appreciated gift.

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Maximum 25 caractères

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Carolingia Typewriter Graziano Klaudia ModernAntiqua PinyonScript Strato

Maintenance kit for wood brushes +€9.58

Maintenance kit for wood brushes

This kit has been especially designed by Thomas Liorac to maintain, clean and feed wood brushes.

  • Oil : Its fragrance is made with essential oils of oranges.
  • Cleaner : It removes all hair and dirt that have accumulated.

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