Why choose a Thomas Liorac horn comb?

Are you looking for the perfect ally to detangle your hair every day? Discover without further delay the many advantages of the Thomas Liorac horn comb. Made in France in Périgord, this horn accessory will seduce you with its many advantages.

A 100% natural structure

With its keratin structure, the horn comb is completely neutral which allows it to remove static electricity from your hair. No more crazy electric hair! With one stroke of the comb, you remove all the impurities and dirt accumulated during the day, while detangling your hair in the blink of an eye. Your hair regains softness, luster and shine. More silky to the touch, you will be impressed by their health regained over time.

An ecological accessory

Made in France with ancestral know-how, the horn comb is respectful of your hair but also of the environment. Its ecological impact is reduced, thanks to a noble material which does not attack the scalp and local manufacturing by passionate craftsmen. After testing this 100% natural horn accessory, stopping using plastic will seem obvious to you!

For perfect detangling

When you wake up, after a good shampoo or before going to sleep, one step is essential for your hair: detangling. To do it efficiently while taking care of yourself, choose a horn comb adapted to your needs. Do you have thick, curly or often tangled hair? Prefer a model with wide teeth spaced fairly far apart in order to thoroughly air your hair without risking breakage. If, on the contrary, you have thinner hair, choose a model with tighter teeth for perfect detangling. As a bonus: you can restore volume at the roots.

There is a suitable comb for every situation!

Discover our wide range of horn combs made up of 24 different models. Whatever the nature of your hair: thick or thin, long or short, straight or curly, you will definitely find the model that suits you among the different categories. Classic, detanglers, mixed, afros, straighteners, backcombing, pocket and even facial, with a handle or not, single or double teeth... it's up to you to choose because the possibilities are multiple and varied. It is also a multifunctional accessory: thanks to it, you can easily create hairstyles, separate your hair, make partings, or give volume to your roots for example. What happiness in perspective!

Choose a 100% natural brush as a complement

Now you know all the benefits of using the horn comb. Please note that it is also recommended to use it in addition to a boar bristle brush for perfect balance. In fact, the brush smoothes the hair fiber, distributes sebum and disciplines even stubborn hair. We style, we detangle and presto, your hair is ready to last all day.

That's it, you hold the key to tamed, pampered and healthy hair. Prefer natural and noble materials to take care of your hair every day. Opt for accessories made from 100% natural materials and enjoy the softness and shine of your hair while eliminating static electricity. Your hair will thank you!.