Horn comb, for perfect detangling

For abundant, frizzy or curly hair, detangling is often a difficult step. In addition to being painful, performing this task is harsh on the hair. It is therefore important to choose the right comb for smooth styling. Matching the nature of the hair, the horn comb is the ideal accessory for excellent detangling. Oily or dry hair, the horn comb helps balance the hair. Considered the premium version of the comb, this accessory offers several advantages.

Why choose a horn comb?

The advantages of a horn comb are significant.

With an exceptional design

The design of a horn comb is unusual. Its appearance appeals to many people. Compared to plastic combs, horn versions look more elegant. They are characterized by colored marbling. Complementary to a boar bristle brush, these combs are much softer.

With a material suitable for all hair types

The material from which the horn comb is made is composed of keratin molecules. These help to close the cuticle scales to better resist external aggressions (bad weather, pollution, etc.). Very useful in winter, this type of comb eliminates static electricity by sliding through the hair. Being able to close the cuticles, it maintains the shine of your hair and adapts to all hair types.

More economical

For daily use, the horn comb is more practical. High quality, it is more durable and more economical. You won't have to replace it as often. Totally natural and organic, the horn that makes it up is biodegradable and extremely durable. The production of horn combs produces no waste.

How to use a horn comb?

For easy detangling, opt for a comb with widely spaced teeth. For abundant, curly hair, the ideal is a spacing of 8 to 10 mm. If you have straight hair or short hair, choose a spacing of 2 mm. A horn comb with fine teeth of 1 mm allows gentle straightening. If your hair is tangled, you should start from the ends of the hair. Then you can gradually move up.

To maintain your horn comb, clean it with cold, soapy water or a damp cloth. Do not use acidic products or detergent (shower gel, shampoo, etc.) to wash it. Be sure to dry it thoroughly after cleaning or after using it in the shower. Feed your horn comb regularly with vegetable oil so that it does not wear out quickly. Use natural hair products if you want to keep it for more than 10 years.

How to choose a horn comb?

Several models of horn comb are available on the market: detangler, tail comb, straightener, afro comb with wide teeth... Some have wider teeth, while the teeth of others are less ample and spaced apart. To have the right horn comb, pay particular attention to a few criteria.

The shape of the comb

For the shape of the horn comb, two possibilities are available to you: with or without a handle. Choose the one with a handle for easy handling. A comb without a handle, however, offers a larger styling surface.

The quality

With its own design and color, each horn comb is unique. An authentic horn comb has rigid teeth. Make sure you choose an accessory that is made in an eco-friendly way. Imported combs are usually of poor quality.

The price

Horn combs cost more than plastic or wooden combs. In terms of duration, however, they are much more profitable.