Thomas Liorac presents 2 new Combined comb & brush Because the combination of two high-end accessories is the best solution to treat her hair, the French manufacturer of horn combs offers two new packs "comb & brush"
How to choose a beard comb? Perhaps, sir, bear your beard. Perhaps you like to wear it very short, almost shave, carefully maintaining a beard said to be 3 days, perhaps the long wear, provided, like an organized jungle like for example Captain Haddock? Or are you an intermittent bearded? Do you have the poi (...)
Renewal of the horn comb: 1 of 2 is a gift. For 7 years, Thomas Liorac has revived the horn comb, modernized its design and made it rediscover to the younger generations. His workshop located in Ariège obtained in 2017 the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label which rewards the French savoir-faire of excellence. Today, a horn comb purchased on two is to offer. The pe (...)