Your hair say something about you. All hair is in nature. We see some free as the air, waving on one shoulder, landing on the lower back. Or in the figure, hiding the eyes of a fierce, wild teenager. Or even dressed like a teacher of yesteryear. Others are masterpieces of architecture, real (...)
The bias of Thomas Liorac We aim through these articles to answer the questions that most of our customers ask themselves. But know that we have a strong enough bias on our practices to have beautiful hair. Our appearance shows a part of our personality to another. It is natural to want to present our best profile! It is (...)
Choosing a wooden or horn comb? impact on the environment: equivalent. Both horn and wood are renewable and bio-degradable materials. The wood is often renewed more slowly, but allows to make more objects in one piece. However, some wood species are valuable and rare. It is better not to use them (wood of (...)
Children's hair: How to style them? space the shampoos once a week. This is important for maintaining the very healthy natural balance of children's hair and preserving it. Remember that too much hygiene may have the opposite effect. Before 1 year: just put the hair of your little one with a goat hair brush (...)
What preventative care to bring to the hair during the summer? The sun is necessary for our health, both physical and moral. But to make the most of its benefits, it is best to limit your exposure to the sun to about 30 minutes, especially during the hot hours. Beyond 30 minutes, take some precautions to protect your hair. The first protection is of course (...)
Hair hygiene To have beautiful hair, one of the key elements is the hygiene of the hair. But beware, excess hygiene may have the opposite effect. Here are the good gestures that will give you good hygiene without harming your hair. observe an interval of 3 days minimum (4 to 6 in the ideal) between each shampoo. Shampoos (...)
The solution to your hair problems: space shampoos! Space the shampoos to preserve the natural balance of your hair: the natural lipid film and the microbiota, which promote the resistance of the hair to the aggressions. oily hair: detergent shampoos are too aggressive. Use mild shampoos containing rhassoul or clay. Shampoos too common (...)
Tutorial : How to disentangle long hair with a comb ? untwist regularly. It is best to do it morning and evening at least. start by untangling the spikes then disentangle starting from higher and higher. depending on your hair nature, let your hair dry or keep it moist. Some do not support the contact of the comb on their wet hair. (...)
The comb is not my thing, I prefer the brushes. Oh? Many people say this: "The comb is not my thing." In reality, they have experienced the syndrome of the plastic comb. After the war, until the 1980s, the plastics industry did everything possible to make plastic supplant the horn. Plastic combs have taken on the appearance of (...)
Hygiene and maintenance of the horn comb once or twice a month, clean your comb with a small brush and soapy water. This removes impurities that settle on it during daily use. Use a mild or non-detergent soap or shampoo. Then rinse your comb thoroughly. after rinsing, wipe it well. The horn n '(...)
The maintenance of white or gray hair The maintenance of white or gray hair requires just a few small adjustments.
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