Thomas Liorac propose des coffrets pour Noël. Communiqué L'entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication de peignes en corne élargit sa gamme de produits. Elle propose désormais également des brosses en poils de sanglier, des savons et shampoings écologiques, ainsi que des accessoires de coiffure. Cela lui permet de proposer 7 coffrets cadeaux dédiés au soin des cheveux et à la beaut? (...)
How to take care of your combs and brushes at the beach? Can we bring a horn comb and a boar hair brush to the beach? Of course ! Just take a few precautionary and maintenance steps. The main thing is to keep your horn comb in a leather case inside the beach bag to prevent breakage and scratches due to sand. How to maintain (...)
Thomas Liorac part à la conquête des cheveux Afros   Communiqué : Thomas Liorac part à la conquête des cheveux Afros Thomas Liorac continue de dépoussiérer le monde des peignes en corne et propose désormais une gamme de 5 modèles aux noms évocateurs pour ses client(e)s aux cheveux crépus ou frisés : Petit bamako Grand Bamako Pretoria Tombouctou Tananarive Le dessin de (...)
Thomas Liorac lance 11 nouveaux modèles de peignes en corne   Communiqué : Thomas Liorac lance 11 nouveaux modèles de peignes en corne pour proposer l'offre la plus complète du marché. Thomas Liorac étend sa gamme à 24 modèles de peignes et continue de dépoussiérer le design des peignes en corne. Entre tradition et modernité, la marque Ariégeoise a repris le flambeau de ce savoir-faire région (...)
Boar Bristle Brush: How to choose and maintain it? Why choose a boar bristle brush? Wild boar hair is made of keratin ... like our hair. This is why they have been used for centuries to garnish hairbrushes. Indeed, as their composition is close to that of the hair, they respect them, limit the forks, and do not engender (...)
The 17 traditional steps of making a homemade horn comb The traditional handcrafting of a horn comb requires 17 successive steps. A meticulous work that combines manual address, physical endurance and machine control. Sawing: cut the horn into three pieces, biscayer, gorget. Biscayer: open and unfold the central piece of the horn Scratch: equalize, biscuit (...)
Le peigne en corne : Une idée cadeau originale pour la fête des mères Thomas Liorac créé une série limitée de peignes en corne gravés à l’occasion de la Fête des Mères. Une idée cadeau originale et militante. Les peignes en corne sont en effet écologiques, antistatiques, artisanaux et fabriqués en France. La marque « Thomas Liorac » commercialise des peignes en corne depuis 2011 et depuis 2015, propose (...)
Interview : Nouvelle gamme Thomas Liorac   Thomas Liorac présente aujourd'hui sa nouvelle gamme de peignes en corne. Interview de Grégoire Villedey, fondateur de la marque. Bonjour, vous avez largement renouvelé votre gamme pour 2015, sans doute parce-que vous êtes devenus fabricants. Pourquoi êtes-vous devenus fabricants ? Notre fournisseur ne parvenait plus à nous fournir suff (...)
How to get a good shampoo? The hair, like our whole body, must be washed. But special care must be given to them. Indeed, their molecular composition is specific. Not to mention that they play an important role in our appearance. Which shampoo to choose? How often do you use it? How to apply it? Which shampoo to choose? (...)
Comb and brush: How to choose? Should we choose a comb or a brush? The ultimate: A horn comb and a boar silk brush. One often wonders if it is better to use a comb or a brush. One can indeed use one or the other depending on the desired effect, but in fact most often, the best choice is to use both. Everything is all about (...)
How to repair dry, brittle, fine, fragile hair? Hair is one of the attributes of beauty today, for both women and men. A damaged hair gives the silhouette in general and the face in particular a less attractive aspect. In a society where the appearance, where the competition in all and everywhere are of put, a damaged hair can for cer (...)
How to find beautiful hair? Brittle hair, dry, dull? Dandruff ? A significant loss of hair? So many signs that the hair is in poor health. How to find beautiful hair? Shampoo The first thing to pay attention to is, of course, hygiene. Frequency: be careful not to make too frequent shampoos (...)
How to fight against hair loss? How to distinguish normal and abnormal hair loss, temporary and permanent hair loss? The hair has a cycle of life more or less short or long depending on the people, from 2 to 6 years. They are renewed little by little, every day. It is therefore normal to lose hair every day. The abnormal fall of hair (...)
Henna: An ideal beautifying care for the hair What is henna? What are the benefits of henna? Contraindications to henna. How to choose your henna? How to apply henna? How to prolong the effect of his henna? What is henna? Henna is a plant belonging to the family Lythraceae, whose botanical name is lawsonia inermis. Ell (...)
Your hair say something about you. All hair is in nature. We see some free as the air, waving on one shoulder, landing on the lower back. Or in the figure, hiding the eyes of a fierce, wild teenager. Or even dressed like a teacher of yesteryear. Others are masterpieces of architecture, real (...)
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